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It is possible, on the S2 Elise, to adjust the "dip setting" on the headlights for right hand drive cars going to left hand drive countries.

Remove the headlamp cover

In order to do this the headlight plastic cover needs to be removed.

How to Remove the headlamp cover

In photo four, you can see there are two small knurled bolts, there is another knurled bolt, this is under the wheel arch liner at the top, I took off the wheel arch liner, but it could be left on.

Adjusting the dip setting

When you look directly at the dip light fitting you can see a dirty bronze coloured piece of metal that sits on the lower half of the lens. This is a small lever that has a small piece of black plastic on it. If this lever is gently pushed up it moves a few mm which cuts off the extra bit of light that could shine in other drivers' eyes when you are driving on the right. It produces a flat top beam, without the 'uplift' found on right hand drive dipped beam.