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OEM fitment for the Elise is as follows:-

S1 MMC ?
S1 non-MMC ?
S2 K Series Brembo?
S2 Toyota ?

List of brake pad manufacturers with descriptions and real world experiences from SELOC members.

EBC "Greenstuff"

A commonly used budget pad, OK for normal road use but don't cope to well when pushed.





Excellent value for fast road and occasional track.


Official Website

Racing Compound Characteristics

RS 4-2 Blue

A medium friction racing compound with good cold friction and fading resistance up to 500°C ( 930°F).

  • Work well from cold.

RS 14 Black

This is a medium high friction value ceramic type compound with very good modulation, high fade resistance, low heat conductivity, and a good wear rate up to a temperature of 650°C (1.200°F).

  • Eat discs.
  • Not as effective from cold.
  • Very track orientated pad so not ideal on the road.

RS 15 Grey

Very high torque compound. It combines a 20% higher friction value than the RS14 with a slightly increased pad wear. Needs finesse to avoid over braking the car. Good release characteristic. Although the RS15 has a very good modulation (controllability) it might have an excessive bite for some applications, as lightweight cars or cars with boosted brakes. Applications: NASCAR, CART, F3, Touring cars, GT cars, WSC, DP, Trans Am and Rally.




Road&Track Front pads


Road&Track Rear pads


Competition Front pads


Competition Rear pads