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OEM fitment for the Elise is as follows:-

S1 MMC ?
S1 non-MMC ?
S2 K Series Brembo?
S2 Toyota ?

List of brake pad manufacturers with descriptions and real world experiences from SELOC members.

EBC "Greenstuff"

A commonly used budget pad, OK for normal road use but don't cope to well when pushed.

Fine as a replacement for OEM



Similar performance to Mintex 1144. Common replacement pad in mainland Europe



Excellent value for fast road and occasional track. Quick to bed in and work well from cold. Good pad life and not particularly abrasive on disks, although can be a bit dusty. Some fade experienced after pro-longed track use.


Official Website

Racing Compound Characteristics

RS 4-2 Blue

A medium friction racing compound with good cold friction and fading resistance up to 500°C ( 930°F).

  • Work well from cold.
  • Under very hard use they will fade before the RS14 compound.
  • less prone to squeel than RS14's

Summary, A good compromise for both Road and Track usage.

RS 14 Black

This is a medium high friction value ceramic type compound with very good modulation, high fade resistance, low heat conductivity, and a good wear rate up to a temperature of 650°C (1.200°F).

  • If used as a road pad they can eat discs, however when at track temprature the wear ratio will be higher in the pad providing less wear of the disk.
  • Not as effective from cold as the RS 4-2 compound.
  • Very track orientated pad so whilst safe to use on the road a driver with a road only intention may well be better to look at a different compound.

These pads can generate a lot of squeal if not used in anger on a regular basis, so while highly rated for track work, these pads are perhaps too compromised for a road car.

RS 15 Grey

Very high torque compound. It combines a 20% higher friction value than the RS14 with a slightly increased pad wear. Needs finesse to avoid over braking the car. Good release characteristic. Although the RS15 has a very good modulation (controllability) it might have an excessive bite for some applications, as lightweight cars or cars with boosted brakes. Applications: NASCAR, CART, F3, Touring cars, GT cars, WSC, DP, Trans Am and Rally.




Road&Track Front pads


Road&Track Rear pads


Competition Front pads

Pads have good initial bite from cold and cope well with track use.

Could do with a little more feedback under hard braking, but don't show any signs of fading.

Like many track-oriented pads they can squeel/screech quite a bit on the street.

Low disc wear.


Competition Rear pads