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Bulbs as fitted as standard to Series 1 Elises/Exiges.

Fitment Owner's manual Actual bulb
Wattage Type ECE cat. Lucas # IEC base Watts
Headlight (Dipped and Main Beam) 60/55 H4 P43t H4 472 P43t 55/60
Driving Lamps 55 H1 H1 448 P14.5s 55
Front Side Light 5 W2x4.6d T4W 233 BA9s 4
Front/rear Indicator 21 SCC BA15s P21W 382 BA15s 21
Side Repeater 5 W2x4.6d W5W 501 W2.1x9.5d 5
Brake/Tail 5/21 SBC BAY15d P21/5W 380 BAY15d 21/5
High Mount Brake 11 891 W5W 501 W2.1x9.5d 5
Fog/Tail 21 SCC BA15s P21W 382 BA15s 21
Reversing1 21 SCC BA15s P21W 382 BA15s 21
Number Plate 5 SU 8.5-8 42mm C5W (35mm) 239 SV 8.5-8 5
Cigaratte Lighter / 12V Power Outlet 1.2 W2x4.6d W1.2W 286 W2x4.6d 1.2

1. The original S1 Elise Service manual (Publication Part Number A111T0327J) lists the reversing light bulb as a 21W SCC BA15 rather than the 5W part listed above. This matches the P21W found when replacing the reversing lamp on a August 1999 S1. Both options use the same bayonet fitting, the 5W has a smaller glass part. The higher wattage bulb will pull 1.75A and is independently fused at 3A so is appropriate for the wiring. 21W is more normal for a modern reversing lamp. Not clear when the 5W parts were fitted or if this is an error.


Bulbs as fitted as standard to Series 2 Elises/Exiges.

Fitment Type Wattage
Headlight (Dipped Beam) H1 for pre 2007, H7 for 2007 onwards. 55W
Headlight (Main Beam) H7 55W
Driving Lamps H3 55W
Side Light W5W (501 Capless Wedge) 5W
Front Indicator PY21W Amber (581) 21W
Side Repeater W5W Amber (501 Capless Wedge) 5W
Brake/Tail P21/5W (380) 5/21W
Tail R5W (207) 5W
High Mount Brake 16xLED  2.5W
Rear Indicator H21W (R435) 21W
Fog/Tail P21/5W (380) 5/21W
Reversing H21W (R435) 21W
Number Plate C5W (239 Festoon) 5W


Bulbs fitted as standard to Series 3 (a.k.a. S2.5 or facelift S2) Elises. Other lights are LED units and specified as dealer replacement only items.

Fitment Type Wattage
Headlight (Dipped Beam) HB3A 60W
Headlight (Main Beam) H9B 65W
Rear Indicator W16W 16W
Reversing W16W 16W
Number Plate C5W (239 Festoon) 5W

Light Upgrades

The standard headlights on Elises/Exiges are rather rubbish. A number of owners opt to upgrade the bulbs to High Intensity Discharge lamps.