Clutch pedal squeak

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Clutch Pedal squeak

If your car has a VIN after X7261 then you already have the upgraded trunion bush and a squirt of WD40 or the like is all you can do.

If your car is has a VIN or earlier than X7261 (somwhere in 1999) then you may have the earlier Black clutch trunion and an improved trunion kit is available:

Here is a pic of a Knackered one, note the ends of the early one are black (a friction reducing coating) and fill the hole in the pedal.

The Later kit includes a smaller trunion and a pair of white synthetic bushes which fit around it.

1 off Trunnion A111J0155F 2 off Bush A111J6036F

This costs about 15 quid but is a pain to fit.

A Full details of how to fit it are here: Guide

Get yourself some slip on shoes or work in an area where you don't mind walking in socks. Have a cup of tea. Take the roof off the car. Put the driver's seat all the way back to make as much room as possible.

Hoover out the interior first as you're going to be upside down in it.

You will need :

10mm open ended spanner 13mm socket, ratchet and a selection of extenders, universal joints 3mm Allen key. Some butly tape so similar blue tack / sticky goo.

Pop open the front hatch and prop it up.

Get into the passenger footwell. Head first, looking up as the underside of the dashboard.

Take the 3mm Allen key and loosen the grub screw in the centre of the clutch truneon.

To be continued....