Clutch pedal squeak

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Clutch Pedal squeak

If your car has a VIN after X7261 then you already have the upgraded trunion bush and a squirt of WD40 or the like is all you can do.

If your car is has a VIN or earlier than X7261 (somwhere in 1999) then you may have the earlier Black clutch trunion and an improved trunion kit is available:

Here is a pic of a Kackered one, note the ends of the early one are black (a friction reducing coating) and fill the hole in the pedal.

The Later kit includes a smaller trunion and a pair of white synthetic bushes which fit around it.

1 off Trunnion A111J0155F 2 off Bush A111J6036F

This costs about 15 quid but is a pain to fit.

A Full details of how to fit it are here: Guide