Cobra Alarm battery upgrade

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This Wiki is to help you guys (and gals) sort out that pesky Cobra 6422 alarm issues!

First of all you will need to remove the sounder, which is under the dash on the opposite side of the steering wheel, you will need:

  1. Make sure you un-immobilise the alarm BEFORE disconnecting the sounder!!
  2. Assume the lotus position in passenger side of get a child in there.
  3. M10 ratchet spanner
  4. Side cutters
  5. (Earplugs if the car is immobilised and you disconnect the siren connector)

Now that you have got out of the car after banging your head on the cant rail, ripping your trousers on the door pin, walk inside with the sounder and have a cup of tea (or a Beer!)

For dissasembly of the sounder you will need:

  1. Sharp knife (plasters once you cut yourself!)
  2. Philips screwdriver number 2
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. Solder sucker (if you have one)
  5. Some solder

Now the dissasembly

  1. Remove the heatshrink around the cable onto the sounder box with a knife
  2. Undo the screws that hold the sounder together and gently pull the sounder apart pushing the wire through the case

This is a photo of the battery pack


~more to follow as I get chance~