Electric Window mechanism replacement

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Replacing the electric windows mechanism may seem daunting but in retrospect has been one of the easiest jobs I've done! Here's how:

0. Aquire a new mechanism, I got one from Eliseparts.com. You'll also need small Allen keys, 10mm 1/4inch socket, 10mm spanner, medium size posidrive/cross head screwdriver.


1. Remove the door card, this should just be a few Allen heads, velcro, one plastic pin at the front bottom corner and then slide it off the pin at the back, disconnect window switch as you do this. You'll also have to peel back the weather proofing, if you're gentle removing this should just stick back on afterwards without and new glue or anything.

2. See attached picture of the frame/motor mount nuts and bolts to remove, all 10mm, 2 bolts for the frame bracket, two nuts for the motor. Leave the top frame bolt and the window bolts in loose for now so it doesn't collapse. All are captive so don't worry about thing dropping off.

https://gallery.seloc.tv/albums/userpics/66748/PXL_20230603_082348960~2.jpg https://gallery.seloc.tv/albums/userpics/66748/PXL_20230603_082826434~2.jpg

3. Find a friend or some form of clamping system to hold the window up for the next bit, take care not to clamp too tight or to pull or twist it if you can help it. I used a bike frame stand with some foam pads.

https://gallery.seloc.tv/albums/userpics/66748/PXL_20230603_083752899.jpg https://gallery.seloc.tv/albums/userpics/66748/PXL_20230603_083810982.jpg

4. Remove the nuts attaching the window to the mechanism frame and remove the top frame bolt. The mechanism is now free.


5. Rotate the mechanism anticlockwise to get it under the top lip of the door and lie it down, push the captive bolts on the motor mount through their holes as you do this so the motor is also free in the door.


6. Remove the motor connector, do not remove the blue cover clip on the connector, the release for the plug is on the bottom of the clip and is just a large clip movable with fingers (it's a bit fiddly but you shouldn't need a screwdriver or anything to pop this off) once it's popped wiggle the connector free of the motor.



7. Pull the motor out of the door first (above the lock mechanism bar) then thread the mechanism frame out. Congratulations! Half way there!

8. To fit the new mechanism first ensure you understand what order the bottom cable and the motor/mechanism frame shared bolt go in (see pictures). The bottom cable loop goes behind the frame so it doesn't catch on the window as it comes down. The motor mount plate goes behind the mechanism frame (which has the captive nut in it).


9. Fit the new mechanism in an exact reversal of removing the old one (ensuring everything is sat in the correct order). Only do the nuts and bolts up a little bit by hand untill all are in place then tighten and try to match the bolt positions to marks left by the old ones as a starting point for alignment.

10. NOTE: If your mechanism is not at the top and you can't easily lower the window (like I couldn't with it on a stand) then you need to pull the window switch out of the door card using a small flat head screwdriver, plug it into the connector and turn the ignition on to CAREFULLY raise the mechanism.


11. Congratulations the new mechanism is fitted, now to adjust.

12. To adjust the height, fit your roof and gently close the door with the window as high as it will go and see how the seal and window line up. You'll probably be too high to start.



13. To adjust the top stop undo the screw shown in the pictures and again test with window at max height. Once you get the seal to line up well fix the stopper in place with the nut on the screw shaft. (Ensure the screw does not rotate!! Or this will change your set height). https://gallery.seloc.tv/albums/userpics/66748/PXL_20230603_095458432~2.jpg


14. If your window is not coming up parallel to the roof seal you can adjust the angle of the mechanism a bit with the two mechanism frame bolts. Rotate as needed.

15. Refit the door card and you're done!!