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Series 1

Model Introduction: June ‘96

VIN: T 0017 onwards

1997 Model Year: November ‘96

VIN: V 240 onwards

No specification change.

Uprated Starter Motor: February ‘97

VIN: V 685

Starter motor uprated from 1.0 kW to 1.4 kW and engine management fuse relocated from rear to front services compartment.

Commonisation of a.c. type chassis: September ‘97

VIN: V 1685 (approx.) Plus; 1672, 1673, 1677, 1682. Less; 1694, 1708.

Shape of chassis, rear side of fuel tank crossmember, changed to accommodate a.c. compressor. Low level engine coolant outlet pipe. Re-circ. ventililation holes in chassis toe-board.

1998 Model Year: October ‘97

VIN: W 1814 onwards.

No specification change.

Revised Harness & Main Fusebox: October ‘97

VIN: W 1941 onwards. Plus; 1920, 1926, 1937, 1938. Less; 1965, 2002.

New harness introduced to accommodate optional U.K. market Cobra 6422 alarm. New main fusebox with 22 ‘Littel’ fuses in front luggage compartment.

Optional U.K. Market Cobra 6422 Alarm: October ‘97

VIN: W 1947 onwards. Plus 1937, 1938.

Option upgraded from Cobra 6019HF to 6422. Facility to reprogramme transmitter keys. Override switch deleted.

Front Brake Disc Shields: December ‘97

VIN: W 2260 (approx.)

Alloy shield fitted on inboard side of front discs.

Revised Soft Top Cant Rails: May ‘98

VIN: W 3332

Latches on rear end of roof cant rails use new dovetail design to improve location. Door seals changed to incorporate moulded front ends to mate with new cantrail front seals. New soft top canopy with press studs repositioned to suit new cant rails. Parts set required to fit hardtop roof.

Cast Iron Brakes: June ‘98

VIN: W 3714 (approx.)

Cast iron brake discs and corresponding pads replace aluminium metal matrix brakes.

Integral Boot Box: September ‘98

VIN: W 4429 (approx.) Plus; 4140, 4315, 4365, 4383. Less 4653.

Rear clamshell incorporates integral luggage compartment box to replace luggage bag.

1999 Model Year: November ‘98

VIN: X 4976 onwards.

No specification change.

Sport 135: November ‘98

VIN: X 5401 - 5450, 6001 - 6035.

Original batch (50 cars): 135 bhp cylinder head; Close ratio gearbox; Sports exhaust; Red, competition style seats; Red sports steering wheel; Drilled iron brake discs; Quicksilver paint with blue soft top; Headlamp covers; Sport 135 side decals; Silver roll over bar. 2nd batch variations (35 cars): 111S wheels, tyres & spats; black painted fuel filler cap; matt finish alloy gear knob; Sport 135 99 side decals.

Integral Stud Toe-Link Ball Joints: December ‘98

VI: X 5479 Rear suspension toe-link ball joint design changes to incorporate integral M10 stud.

50th Anniversary Elise: January ‘99

VIN: X 5463 - 5816 (total 51)

Anniversary green with gold painted wheels, green/rafia leather seats, ‘Elise’ floor mats, gold decals, 50th Anniversary decal on rear transom, hard top and certificate of authenticity. Just 50 of these special editions were made.

Angled Rear Window: January ‘99

VIN: X 5558

Rear window mounted in angled surround.

Elise 111S: January ‘99

VIN: X 5722

VVC engine & close ratio transmission. Revised muffler & tailpipes. Cross-drilled iron discs. Lotus styled 6-spoke road wheels, 7.5” rear rims with 225/45 ZR16 rear P Zeros. Optional rear spoiler extension. Acrylic headlamp covers & smoke front indicator lenses. Composite engine lid, rear wheelarch spats, ‘111S’ decal on rear body & fascia, moulded air intake grille. Forged alloy window winders, weave patterned dash inserts, revised seat foams & stitching.

Elise ‘JPS’: July ‘99

Available based on either standard or 111S versions. Black body colour. All cars have gold painted grilles as follows; radiator air intake, radiator outlet, engine lid outlet, rear clamshell recess, engine bay intake. All cars have gold painted 111S type road wheels, black and gold Alcantara steering wheel, gold painted dash insert panels, 111S type black leather seats with gold Alcantara centres, gold decals on rear body and dash, black & gold nose badge, Union Flag decal on rear. Standard versions also have headlamp covers and rear wheelarch spats.

Elise ‘Type 49’: October ‘99

Available based on either standard or 111S versions. Two tone red/white body colour. All cars have gold painted 111S type road wheels, black and red Alcantara steering wheel, 111S type black leather seats with red Alcantara centres, gold decals. Standard versions also have headlamp covers and rear wheelarch spats.

Elise ‘Millenium’: October ‘99

Available based on either standard or 111S versions. Atlantis Blue body colour. All cars have blue Alcantara steering wheel pad and sill trim panels, 111S type black leather seats with blue Alcantara centres. Standard versions also have 111S type road wheels, rear wheelarch spats and headlamp covers. Cars were usually supplied with a range of dealer fitted Lotus accessories.

Forged Steel Rear Hub Carriers: November ‘99

VIN: X 8177 (approx.)

New design forged steel rear hub carrier replaces extruded alloy carrier, and incorporates calliper mounting plate, and lower ball joint carrier.

Elise 340R: January ‘00

VIN: Y 0004 to 0009, 9640 onwards.

Limited edition of 340. Extreme lightweight version of the Elise, based on modified standard chassis fitted with minimalist bodywork and a detuned, road going version of the VHPD powertrain. See 340R supplement for full specification.

Sport 160: February ‘00

SVA: VIN: Y 0601 to 0650.

WVTA: VIN: Y 0651 onwards.

First 50 cars with Single Vehicle Approval. Subsequent cars Whole Vehicle Type Approved. High performance derivative, based on 111S specification with 160 PS fixed valve timing engine. WVTA versions require airbox modification and sport exhaust fitment for full power release. Other features include new engine controller, sport suspension, ‘race’ wheels, plinth mounted rear aerofoil, Alcantara trimmed seats and steering wheel pad, body decals.

Exige: July ‘00

VIN: Y 0001 (Character 13 = 8) - model specific serial number sequence.

Road going version of the Elise race series car, with 178 bhp 340R engine, close ratio transmission, sport suspension and larger 12-spoke black finish wheels (16x7 & 17x8.5) with Yokohama A039 tyres. Front and rear clamshells styled as race car with pillar mounted rear aerofoil. Clear polycarbonate rear tailgate with air ducting, linked to roof mounted air intake duct. Optional Alcantara sports seats and 340R harnesses. Meta security system. Roof duct mounted radio aerial.

Series 2 - K-series

Elise ‘Mk.2’ Introduction: November 2000

VIN character 10 = 1; VIN character 13 = 7; Serial number from 0018.

Changes from previous model include: Restyled body and interior; revised soft top with integral cantrails; revised door window guides; chassis siderails lowered at cockpit sides; revised suspension with new hubs and steel hub carriers; revised engine spec. with Lotus K4 controller to meet ECD3; close ratio transmission; larger diameter road wheels with Bridgestone Potenza tyres; new brake discs and pads; new fuel tank and pump; Meta vehicle security system; battery moved to rear luggage compartment; new heater system with rotary controls; new exhaust muffler with outboard tailpipes.

Air Conditioning Option: February 2002

Co-incident with 2002 model year changepoint. VIN character 10 = 2; Serial number from 1936.

VIN character 12: C = RHD heater, D = LHD heater, N = RHD a.c., P = LHD a.c.

Cars with heater only continue unchanged, but a.c. cars use new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, incorporating face level vents, dual intake blower fan, air blender flap without water valve, electrical rotary controls with stepper motor operated flaps. Larger engine cooling radiator with twin fans. Coolant re-circulation pump. Cobra 8185/8186 security system.

Cobra 8185/8186 Vehicle Security System: February 2002

Fitted on all cars with a.c. (see above) and then as running change to heater cars during March.

Cobra 8185 immobiliser becomes standard specification. 8186 optional upgrade to meet U.K. Thatcham 1 requirements, including self powered siren, selectable intrusion sensor, illuminated entry.

Hard Top Roof and ‘Short’ Soft Top: March 2002

Hardtop roof panel introduced as factory option. Incorporates revised rear window shroud with external weatherstrip and new, shorter, soft top without tails.

Elise 111 & 111S: May 2002

VIN character 4 = J; Serial number from 2677.

Std. car continues unchanged. 111 & 111S versions available as option, including: 160ps VVC engine; ‘G6’ transmission ratios; new exhaust muffler with round tailpipes and flap valve; intake resonator box; oil/water heat exchanger; larger type (a.c.) radiator, twin rad. fans and re-circ. pump; 8-spoke heat treated road wheels; enhanced rear diffuser; Shurlock instrument pack; heater cars use HVAC system (see above) less a.c. equipment.

2003 Model Year: January 2003

VIN character 10 = 3; Serial number from 4397.

No specification change.

Lotus Sport 135R: May 2003

VIN character 4 = M; Serial number from 4612.

Sports option for U.K. only. Based on standard car with following changes: 100kW engine with modified porting, 111/111S type intake manifold, 52mm throttle body and complete exhaust system, re-programmed ECM. Sports suspension with stiffer springs and dampers, adjustable spring pans, 5-hole anti-roll bar, re-positioned steering rack. O.Z. 16-spoke roadwheels in black or silver with 6.5J front rims. Yokohama A048 tyres. Cross-drilled brake discs. 111/111S rear diffuser. Body colour Silver Mica, Blue Mica or Saffron Yellow. Body colour grilles on mica cars. ‘Lotus Sport 135R’ decals and interior embroidery. Blue Alcantara trim features. Plaque on passenger sill.

Lotus Sport 111: May 2003

Aluminium plate etched ‘Lotus Sport 111’ bonded to chassis below VIN at right hand front.

‘04 M.Y. VIN from serial number 0004.

Track biased option for Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore. Based on Elise 111 with following changes: Sports suspension with stiffer springs and dampers, adjustable spring pans, 5-hole anti-roll bar, re-positioned steering rack.

O.Z. 16-spoke roadwheels in black or silver with 6.5J front rims. Yokohama A048 tyres. Body colour Silver Mica, Blue Mica, Starlight Black, Ardent Red. Body colour grilles. ‘Lotus Sport 111’ decals and interior embroidery. Black Alcantara trim features. High grade roof hoop with optional forward brace for MSA approval. Plaque on passenger sill. 2004 Model Year: May 2003

VIN character 10 = 4; Serial number sequence re-started at 0001.

Range as previous with following new features: Optional central door locking on driver’s and passenger’s doors operated via Cobra 8185/8186 alarm transmitter. Electric window operation combined with CDL option. Gearchange mechanism noise suppression. Interior noise suppression package on ‘S’ variants. Uprated battery, bar graph fuel display, orange backlighting, restyled repeater lamps, optional CD multichanger in boot, aerial ground plane, washer bottle in engine compartment, optional Tracker security. Sun visors, new trim features. Lotus roundel on rear transom. Red spark plug cover.

2004 Model Year: May 2003

VIN character 10 = 4; Serial number restarts at 0001.

Range as previous with following new features: Optional central door locking on driver's and passenger's doors operated via Cobra 8185/8186 alarm transmitter. Electric window operation combined with CDL option. Gearchange mechanism noise suppression. Interior noise suppression package on 'S' variants. Uprated battery, bar graph fuel display, orange backlighting, restyled repeater lamps, optional CD multichanger in boot, aerial ground plane, washer bottle in engine compartment, optional Tracker security. Sun visors, new trim features. Lotus roundel on rear transom. Red spark plug cover.

2005 Model Year: October 2004

VIN character 10 = 5; Serial number sequence continues

Specification unchanged.

Revised 5-speed Transmission for Standard Elise: July 2005

VIN serial number 4919

Transmission for Rover powertrain cars changed from B4BP to C4BP.

Lowered 1st & 2nd gear ratios, raised 5th gear ratio.

2006 Model Year: September 2005

VIN character 10 = 6; Serial number restarts at 0001, common to all variants.

Specification unchanged.

Series 2 - Toyota

Elise 111R Introduction: January 2004

VIN character 4 = P; Character 13 = 3; Serial number from 0970

Note that the serial number sequence is shared with other Elise variants.

Changes from previous model include: Toyota powertrain with 1.8 litre VVTL-i engine and 6-speed transmission. Twin exhaust tailpipes exiting through centre of diffuser. Larger fuel tank with new pump. Revised chassis rail rear ends, new rear subframe, revised seat belt mounting frame backstays. Revised rear suspension wishbones, springs and dampers. ABS brake control with vacuum servo. Revised front bonnet grilles and access covers.

2004 Exige Introduction: March 2004

VIN character 4 = P; Character 13 = 8; Serial number from 1092

Note that the serial number sequence is shared with other Elise variants. Differences compared with Elise 111R include: Restyled front and rear clamshells with fixed roof and strut mounted rear aerofoil. Front body splitter panel. Re-styled road wheels, wider on the front, and Yokohama A048 tyres.

2005 M.Y. Elise for North America: May 2004

VIN character 10 = 5; Character 12 = L; Serial number from 0001

Note that the serial number sequence is shared with other ‘05 M.Y. Elise variants.

Differences compared with Elise 111R include: Driver and passenger airbags, pyrotechnic seat belt pre-tensioners; Re-styled fascia and dashboard structure; Front speakers moved onto top surface of fascia, stowage pockets incorporated into dashboard end panels, fixed windscreen demist vents. Engine start button in driver’s side switch panel. Revised springs and dampers, Yokohama AD07 tyres. Side marker lamps on front and rear wheelarch lips. Revised fuel system with fuel filler flap.

2005 M.Y. Elise/Exige (non-USA): Sept. 2004

VIN character 10 = 5; Serial number from 0597 (sequence shared with USA model).

No specification change. Note; last ‘04 serial number 2476.

Lotus Sport Exige 240R: March 2005

Limited edition of 50 units produced as post registration official factory conversions of '05 Exige by the Lotus Sport workshops at Hethel, for U.K. and certain overseas territories. The car is not identifiable from the VIN coding. Differences compared to standard Exige include: 243 bhp engine upgrade using Eaton M62 supercharger with integral by-pass valve, air/air chargecooler and 5th fuel injector. Re-programmed ECU. Accusump. Stiffened springs & Ohlins adjustable dampers. Adjustable front anti-roll bar. Chassis rear brace kit. Forged 5-spoke widened roadwheels & Yokohama A048 tyres. Motorsport brake pads, braided hoses, yellow callipers, silicone brake fluid. Sport Yellow body colour with black wheels, or Sport Black body with silver wheels. Black interior with yellow inserts. 4-point harnesses, T45 roof hoop and backstays.

2006 M.Y. Introduction: September 2005

VIN character 10 = 6; Serial number restarts at 0001, common to all variants.
Introduction of USA Exige and Canadian Elise.
5-speed Elise remains unchanged.
Differences between 6-speed '06 Elise and '05 include; Electronic throttle control (using no mechanical cable).

Optional Lotus Traction Control (LTC) or Limited Slip Differential(LSD) with LTC.

Standard fit Yokohama AD07 tyres on non-USA cars.
Optional forged wheels with new 6.0 in front size.
LED rear lamp clusters incorporating reflectors (formerly separate), and commonised USA type CHMSL.
ProBax seat foams.
New body colours.

USA & Canadian Elise; revised fuel tank and evap. loss system. Canadian Elise uses daytime running lights and clutch down start allow switch.
USA Exige similar to non-USA, but with USA airbag interior.

Sports Racer: October 2005

Special paint versions of '06 M.Y. 111R in either Ardent Red with triple Monaco White stripes, or Nightfall Blue with twin Monaco White stripes. Combined total of 199 units with unique build plate on sill. Forged wheels, sport suspension, twin front oil coolers, LTC. Black leather interior with red or blue stitching, and red or blue 'Elise' embroidered into head restraints. Sports Racer decals.

Exige Cup 190 & 240: January 2006

Limited number of competition oriented naturally aspirated (190) or supercharged (240) models produced as post registration official factory conversions of '06 Exige by the Lotus Sport workshops at Hethel for U.K. and certain overseas territories. Not identifiable from VIN coding. Differences compared to 240R (see above) include: Electronic throttle, high flow port injectors (no 5th).Cup 240 fitted with torque sensing LSD with LTC. Cup 190 uses friction plate LSD. Standard Exige wheels in 'Hi-power' silver. Race cars fitted with FIA 6-point roll cage, remote kill switch, extinguisher system. Standard body colours.

Exige S: February 2006

VIN character 4 = P Factory built type approved supercharged Exige. Not USA. Differences to standard Exige include: 221 PS supercharged engine similar to 240R but using electronic throttle, smooth flow inlet adaptor, standard injectors without 5th injector, modified downpipe, revised muffler with single oval tailpipe. Enlarged roof duct inlet for chargecooler. Body colour splitter, scoops and aerofoil. 'Exige S' decal on rear transom, 'S' on front quarter panels.

USA Lotus Sport Elise: March 2006

Limited edition of 50. Saffron Yellow with twin Storm Titanium stripes. Saffron Yellow centre console. Yellow highlighted sports seats, 'carbon' door trim inserts. Harness bar, T45 seat belt mounting frame. Motorsport mats, stalks, winders and parking brake sleeve. Traction control, supersport suspension, black forged wheels, Yokohama A048s, braided brake hoses, silicone fluid, motorsport clutch. Lotus Sport decals and Union flags. Lotus Sport chassis plate.

2007 M.Y. & Elise S Introduction: June 2006

VIN character 10 = 7; Serial number restarts at 0001, common to all variants.
VIN character 4 identifies engine type. Elise S = Y

Differences between '07 Elise/Exige and '06 include:

  • Elise 111R renamed Elise R
  • New sealed headlamp units
  • Raised LOTUS lettering on rear transom
  • Additional screen pillar seal
  • Alpine audio
  • Improved HVAC ducting.

New model Elise S uses 1ZZ-FE engine producing 100 kW, with variable inlet timing but fixed valve lift, plastic inlet manifold, revised intake snorkel, revised exhaust manifold and downpipe, smaller tailpipes within standard trims.
Elise S also uses new C56 5-speed transmission and 6-spoke roadwheels sharing styling of standard '01 model wheels.

USA Exige S: October 2006

The specification of the USA Exige S is that of the standard USA Exige and option packs, apart from the engine, which is as non-USA Exige S with the following exceptions: High flow port injectors, specific engine programming, 223 PS, 223 Nm. Carry-over features from the non-USA Exige S include exhaust downpipe and optimised muffler with single oval tailpipe. roof air intake funnel mouth.

Exige S British GT Special Edition: November 2006

Celebrating Lotus Sport Cadena’s 2006 British GT3 Team Championship victory

Differences to standard Exige S include:
Torsen LSD & Lotus Traction Control.
Chassis rear brace kit.
T45 roof hoop & stays.
Braided brake hoses.
Level 1 sports exhaust.
Forged 7-bifurcated spoke silver wheels.
Lotus Sport black metallic body colour with Sport yellow & Arctic silver quad stripes, supplier decals on sills, Lotus Sport visor strip, Cadena decals on front wings, GT3 decal on rear clam, GT3 winners decal with unique build number on rear quarter panel, Lotus sport build plate with build number.
4-point harnesses
Black/yellow door trims and unique black/yellow trimmed seats.
Optional a.c.

Optional GT pack available as post registration official factory conversion by Lotus Sport workshops at Hethel for U.K. and certain overseas territories, includes:
High flow injectors
Different ECU & unique calibration for 243 bhp
2-way adjustable Ohlins dampers with uprated springs
308mm front discs & 4-piston calipers
Pagid pads
Castrol SRF brake fluid.

USA Low Speed Damage Mitigation: January 2007

From ‘07 USA VIN serial no. 1579 To meet USA safety legislation, modifications made to Elise/Exige:
Front; armatures and foam inserts added between crash structure and clamshell.
Rear; bumper panel housing foam pads either side of license plate, narrower rear grilles, reinforced boot floor and diffuser support panel, stiffened diffuser.
Some elements commonised for all markets.

Lotus Sport Exige Cup 255: January 2007

Produced as post registration official factory conversions of ‘07 Exige S by the Lotus sport workshops at Hethel for certain territories, excluding U.K. and USA. Not identifiable from VIN coding.

Based on Exige Cup 240 (see above)with the following differences:
Power increase to 255 PS by; unique ECU calibration, enlarged chargecooler, extended roof duct, larger air cleaner and intake spout, uprated fuel pump.
A.P. Racing 4-piston alloy front calipers, 308mm front discs.

2-Eleven Introduction: May 2007

VIN character 6/7/8 = 123; Character 13 = 2

Extreme, minimalist, track focussed Elise variant based on Exige Cup 255 powertrain componentry, but using a new chargecooler arrangement. Produced in small numbers for U.K. and certain overseas territories. In U.K. only, SVA road going version avilable. All other territories only for track use, in LHD or RHD.

New body with no doors or roof. Aeroscreen. Rear aerofoil in two versions. FIA compliant roll over bar. Chassis rear brace, unique front top wishbones and steering arms, optional Ohlins suspension. Accusump, twin front oil coolers. Standard LTC, optional variable LTC & Launch Control. Uprated clutch. Odyssey battery. Limited warranty for SVA cars. Extensive options list.

USA Elise Limited Edition ‘Type 72D’

Limited edition of 50 cars to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Lotus’F1 1972 World Championship victory with the type 72D.

Phantom black body colour with hand painted gold pinstriping. Rear body spoiler, black diffuser. Gold laurel leaf decal on front quarters, gold ‘Elise’ and ‘Type 72D’ decals, gold raised LOTUS lettering, gold/black nosebadge, gold fuel filler cap. Gold Exige 8 split-spoke with Yokohama A048 tyres and sports suspension. Black & gold seats and interior trim details with Limited Edition plaque. Scale model crash helmet.

Exige Club Racer: September 2007

Limited edition of 25 for U.K. Unlimited for Europe.

For U.K., spec. based on ’07 Exige S with Sport, Touring and Super Touring packs and a.c.. Sports exhaust supplied for dealer fitment. For Europe, spec. based on ’08 Exige S (see below) with Sport and Performance packs. Forged wheels.

All cars: Hethel track decal on rear transom, Le Mans blue body with Phantom black triple stripe. Black leather and carbon effect trim with colour coded stitching.

Introduction of 2008 Model Year Elise/Exige: October 2007

VIN character 10 = 8.
VIN serial number restarts at 0001.
Exige N.A. built only to special order.

All cars now with dual airbags and start button in matt charcoal finish fascia.
PFK 457 security system with Lotus design transmitter key.
Tyre pressure monitoring for USA only.
High rpm sequential tell tales.
CAN bus diagnostics using laptop Lotus Techcentre.
New paint colours.
Performance Pack option (VIN character 4 = W) with 240 hp calibration, high flow injectors, big roof scoop, uprated clutch, 4-piston front brake callipers and enlarged front discs, variable traction and launch control (excludes warranty).

Elise S Hethel 40th Limited Edition: October 2007

Commemorating 40 years of production at Hethel.

All LHD.‘08 M.Y. Elise S in Burnt Orange with hardtop. Orange body grilles and centre console. Black diffuser and wheels. Black leather seats and door trim with orange stitching. Build plaque. Country decals below side repeater lamps. 7 Union Flag, 6 Swiss, 2 Belgium, 4 French, 10 German, 6 Italian.

Elise ‘California’ Limited Edition: October 2007

USA only, 25 off Ardent Red with cream/red leather and champagne trim, 25 off saffron Yellow with black leather and champagne trim.

Based on USA Elise with touring pack. Rear body spoiler. Silver front intake grilles, other grilles in body colour. 16-spoke cast wheels in Hi-power silver, AD07 tyres. Lotus roundel and California decals on front wings. Sports seats in cream & red or black leather. Other trim in cream & red or black leather. Hardtop lining in Beige cloth. RHD footwell divider.

Exige Sprint: November 2007

Limited edition of 40 cars for U.K. market, one for each year from 1967 to 2006.

’08 M.Y. Exige S with Sport, Touring and Performance Pack, a.c., black forged wheels, 2-tone paint in Aspen White and either Persian Blue or Saffron Yellow, with gold decal strip and ‘Exige Sprint’ logo. Union flag on rear body, laurel decal on LHR quarter, colour coded leather seats and trim, embroidered footwell carpet mats. Build plaque on chassis sill.

Introduction of Elise SC: February 2008

Supercharged Elise without chargecooler
VIN character 4 = Z

Based on Elise R, but using new Eaton M45 supercharger rotor pack integrated into inlet manifold, high flow fuel injectors and unique calibration to produce 220 PS.
Rear body spoiler
Lotus styled 12 spoke road wheels in6.0 and 8.0 front/rear widths, standard AD07 tyres.
Wheelarch lips on non-USA cars.
‘Elise Supercharged’ decals on rear transom and front wings.

Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260: February 2008

Fully Type Approved version of Exige Cup 255 (see above).
VIN character 4 = A

Based on Exige S with: Big roof scoop, high output fuel pump, unique calibration to produce 260 PS. Accusump, uprated clutch, Torsen LSD, Variable Traction and Launch control (excludes warranty). 4-piston front brake callipers and enlarged front discs, braided hoses, Bilstein or Ohlins adjustable spring/dampers, stiff adjustable ARB in hard mounts, hi-power silver 16-spoke cast wheels, A048 tyres. FIA compliant battery isolator and plumbed in fire extinguisher. T45 seat belt anchorage frame. FIA compliant cage and 4-point harnesses supplied separately. NO airbags and none pre-tensioner 3-point belts. No CDL. Black Alcantara/carbon effect seats and door trim. Build plaque on dash, ‘Lotus Sport’ decal on front quarter panels, ‘Cup 260’ decal on rear transom, black diffuser. Restricted warranty.

USA Elise SC ’60th Anniversary’: May 2008

Limited edition of 60 USA cars to commemorate 60th anniversary of Lotus cars.

Based on Elise SC with hard and soft tops, Touring and Sport Packs, supersport suspension, forged wheels, A048 tyres, T45 seat belt frame & harness bar. Body and double stripe paint in BRG/Saffron, Saffron/Black, Black/Arctic, Storm Titanium/Canyon Red. Complimentary trim inserts and 60th Anniversary embroidery. Anniversary decal on rear transom.

Clark Type 25 Elise SC: June 2008

edition of 25 U.K. cars to commemorate 40th anniversary of Jim Clark’s death. Donation for each car sold to Jim Clark memorial fund.

Based on Elise SC with hard top and Sport Pack. BRG (B04) with Saffron single centre stripe, Lotus Sport wheels with black spokes and silver rims, A048 tyres. Black & red leather themed interior, with sports seats, wood gearknob and build plaque. Type 25 decal on rear transom, Jim Clark signature on LH buttress and inner door panels, race roundels on doors with Type 25 decals.

2009 M.Y. Introduction: September 2008

(Final ‘08 cars: Elise 2308; Exige 2304; 2-Eleven 22940)
VIN character 10 = 9. VIN serial number restarts at 0001
No changes apart from Cup260

2009 M.Y. Lotus sport Exige Cup 260: October 2008

Lightweight body panels using carbon fibre, rear window deleted from rear bulkhead. Lightweight components incl. battery, c/c U-bends, billet flywheel, new 12-spoke roadwheels in 7 & 8 inch widths, rear subframe with DeltaProtect coating, deletion of footwell pads, interior mirror, sunvisors, tailgate strut. HANS approved seats. Body colured SBAF ‘A’ . Chassis drilled for front cage. New body graphics.

2010 M.Y. Introduction: May 2009

(Final ‘09 cars: Elise TBA; Exige TBS; 2-Eleven TBA; USA TBA)
VIN character 10 = A. VIN serial number restarts at 0001.

Elise range unchanged.
Exige S (on USA & Gulf only from 0360): Front clamshell with restyled lower section including larger intake ducts with horizontal vane in each oil cooler duct. New full width body colour front splitter. Wider, body mounted rear aerofoil, supported by end plates. All models: reduced emissions and improved economy figures.

Exige S Type 72: December 2009

Celebrates Type 72 twenty GP victories. Limited edition of 20 for U.K., 20 for Europe, plus selected RoW territories.

Phantom Black with gold pinstriping, gold Exige S on rear, Type 72 on passenger ‘B’ panel. Sport and Touring Packs. Machined forged 5-spoke wheels in blacl and gold. Black microfibre trim with gold stitching. Build plaque with GP win.

Exige Scura/Stealth: January 2010

Limited edition of 35 cars for Europe and some RoW territories. Badged as ‘Stealth’ for Japan.

Based on Exige S with Cup 260 features including powertrain, suspension and body.. Soft feel matt black paint finish with gloss Phantom Black triple stripes. Forged 10 slitspoke wheels in matt black. Laquered carbon fibre seat shells and centre tunnel. Anthracite gear knob and parking brake sleeve.

2011 M.Y. Introduction: March 2010

VIN character 10 = B. VIN serial number restarts at 0001.

Exige range unchanged.

Changes to Elise range include:
Revised front body with enlarged oil cooler intake ducts and chin spoilers
Restyled radiator outlet ducts
One-piece lift out access cover
Aluminium mesh grilles
Separate rear transom panel without faux end grilles
New diffuser
New headlamp units incorporating LED turn lamps and LED daytime running lamps.
New 12-spoke cast roadwheels, or new 5-’Y’ spoke forged wheels.
Elise S model replaced with 1.6 ltr, 1ZR FAE engine, featuring inlet and exhaust cam VVT-i, and VALVEMATIC inlet valve lift control, Lotus T6 controller; new 6-speed type EC60 transmission; revised rear subframe; optional cruise control.

Elise SC and Exige S RGB Special Editions: September 2010

Limited edition of cars to celebrate the career of Roger Becker (RGB) the former Director of Vehicle Engineering who retired in January 2010 following 44 years of service.

Based on the Elise SC and the Exige S with Sports and Touring packs, rear subframe shear panel (Exige S only), Lotus ultra lightweight forged alloy wheels and air conditioning as standard.

Produced in four colours, Aspen White, Starlight Black, Solar Yellow & Carbon Grey.

RGB special editions are identified by a numbered interior plaque, Roger Becker’s signature decals on the side of the bodywork and special monochrome Lotus nose badge.

Introduction of Lotus Dynamic Performance Management (Lotus DPM)

Introduced at VIN BH_10391 in September 2011 for Elise with 1ZR powertrain only.

Kelsey Hayes ABS system replaced with Bosch ABS modulator incorporating electronic stability control referred as Lotus Dynamic Performance Management and HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist). Revisions to tell tale lamps include addition of side light tell-tale, cruise control tell-tale (previously located on centre console) Lotus DPM tell-tales and revised functionality of coolant temperature tell-tale and LCD display.

Elise CR (Club Racer): February 2011

Based on 1ZR powertrain for Europe and some ROW territories. Introduced as the entry level variant to the Elise range. Increased power to weight ratio over standard 1.6 Elise by deletion of certain standard factory fitted components such as carpets, radio and speakers, passenger footrest, central locking, mudflaps, NVH material and soft top roof (shower cover supplied). Lightweight battery fitment with isolator switch available to replace standard battery. Additional customer optional delete of airbag and pyrotechnic seat belt system as well as Dealer option fit of lighter weight forged wheels and ‘power pack’ consisting of TRD airbox, high flow filter and level 1 sports exhaust. A ‘Sport’ mode button is fitted as standard and located in the centre console opposite Lotus DPM switch. Sports suspension fitted as standard with adjustable yellow Anti-Roll bar.

Available in Saffron Yellow B106, Ardent Red C94, Sky Blue C124, Aspen White C113, Carbon Grey B137 & Matt Black B141. The CR is fitted with a ‘Black Style Pack’ as standard, which includes a matt black finish to the roll hoop cover, the rear transom panel and door mirror covers.

Elise CR logos R/H rear clamshell & LH/RH front clamshell above the side repeaters, top of roll hoop cover & door interior. A rear ‘LOTUS’ decal replaces the rear 3D ‘LOTUS’ badge but still uses the standard Lotus logo nose badge. Body coloured seats, with SuedeTex pads, body coloured painted centre console with the Elise CR decal. Matt black radio blanking panel with CR decal. SuedeTex trim to door inserts, handbrake/gearlever gaiter and elements of the steering wheel (including steering wheel centre if airbag delete option selected).

See Technical Service Bulletin 2011/09 for full details

Elise Sport

Lotus Elise Sport

The 2016 Elise Sport features lighter sports seats, a thinner battery and other weight saving measures which total up to a loss of 10kg over the Elise and Elise S.

Elise Sport - Toyota 1ZR-FAE engine with 134bhp - 866kg

Elise Sport 220 - Toyota 2ZR-FE engine Supercharged with Magnuson TVS R900 217bhp - 914kg

Elise Sprint

Lotus Elise Sprint 220

The 2017 Elise Sprint features a Lithium-Ion battery, carbon seats, lightweight forged alloy wheels, carbon access panel, carbon roll hoop cover, carbon engine cover, and polycarbonate rear screen for a total weight saving of 26kg over the Elise Sport.

Elise Sprint - Toyota 1ZR-FAE engine with 134bhp - 798kg

Elise Sprint 220 - Toyota 2ZR-FE engine Supercharged with Magnuson TVS R900 217bhp - 878kg

Elise Cup

Lotus Elise Cup 250 (2018)

In 2014 Lotus saw demand for a track only hardcore Elise and commissioned the Elise S Cup R. It features all of the equipment that you would expect from a factory race car such as a FIA-compliant roll cage, HANS-compliant driver’s seat, six-point harness, fire extinguisher, quick-release steering wheel, and body kit.

Shortly thereafter a road legal version was released as the 2015 Elise S Cup. It retained the body kit and styling from the S Cup R but added road going features such as headlights, 3 point seatbelts, airbags, a passenger seat, and an optional Comfort Pack. The comfort pack featured a stereo with 4 speakers, carpet, sound insulation, and central door locking.

Improving upon the Elise S Cup, Lotus increased the boost for 2016 with the Elise Cup 250. In 2017 Lotus reduced the Cup 250 by 14kg with a lithium-ion battery, carbon fibre seats, lightweight forged alloy wheels and a polycarbonate rear window.

In 2017 Lotus unveiled a special Elise Cup 260 to commemorate its 70th anniversary. The Cup 260 features a revised intake that increases horsepower to 250, all optional carbon fiber components from the Cup 250, louvered front fenders, a carbon fiber front splitter, and a new carbon fiber rear wing that allow it to lap the Hethel test track 2.5 seconds faster than the Cup 250.

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Lotus Elise Cup 260 (2018)

Elise S Cup R - Toyota 2ZR-FE engine Supercharged with Magnuson TVS R900 217bhp - 900kg

Elise S Cup - Toyota 2ZR-FE engine Supercharged with Magnuson TVS R900 217bhp - 932kg

Elise Cup 250 - Toyota 2ZR-FE engine Supercharged with Magnuson TVS R900 243bhp - 917-931kg

Elise Cup 260 - Toyota 2ZR-FE engine Supercharged with Magnuson TVS R900 250bhp - 902kg

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