Oil and filter change

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Time & Tools
Time: 20-30 mins
Tools: 14mm spanner, torque wrench, filter removal tool, new oil drain plug sealing washer, tools for removing undertray

Frequent oil and filter changes are the most important preventative maintenance procedures which can be undertaken by the owner. As engine oil ages, it becomes diluted and contaminated, which leads to premature engine wear.

Information About Oil

Also See This Thread, good info in there


  1. Warm engine up
  2. Raise rear of car.1
  3. Remove middle undertray.
  4. Remove the oil filler cap from the cylinder head cover.
  5. Remove sump plug and drain oil into something that will hold 5 litres of fluid.
  6. Replace sump plug washer and screw in sump plug. Tighten to 25 Nm.
  7. Remove oil filter.
  8. Smear some oil on the seal of new filter and screw on by hand.
  9. Pour the new oil in to the engine, the amount will very if you have remote coolers or a non standard installation but a Kseries will be around 4ltrs, remember though its easier to top up than remove.
  10. Remove engine management system fuse or fuel pump fuse from fuse box.
  11. Check the car is in neutral, then turn the engine over (the engine will not fire due to the removed fuse) and observe the oil pressure light going out. Have a look underneath for a possible leak at the oil filter or sump plug. Slightly tighten oil filter if necessary, do not over tighten.
  12. Replace the previously removed ECU or fuel pump fuse.
  13. Start the engine, check it fires and run for a short while.
  14. Turn engine off and check again for any leaks.
  15. Replace undertray
  16. Lower car, leave for a short while and check dipstsick.


1Access to the underside of the vehicle will be greatly improved if it can be raised on a lift, driven onto ramps, or jacked up and supported on axle stands. I reverse mine onto ramps, but if you've got some blocks of wood that are approx 3 inches + tall then you can squeeze underneath without too much bother. Which ever option you choose ensure that the car is left in gear, with the handbrake on and the front wheels are chocked so that there is no chance the car can move off the supports.

2The thread on the oil filter and oil filter take off is 13/16-16 UNF

111R Notes

Tools needed:

- 8mm spanner for small undertray bolts
- 13 mm (1/2") socket and ratchet for large undertray bolts
- 9/16" spanner for sump plug
- Short, but stout screwdriver and hammer to remove filter

As has been previously discussed in various threads, using a chain tool to remove the filter does is not too successful - there is just no room to move the tool around properly. Instead the whack-a-screwdriver-though-and-turn technique is the preferred method.

Honda conversion filters

Cars with Honda conversions may need a specific type of filter. List can be found HERE