Replacing the Steering Rack

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1. Front clam does not need to come off

2. Undo the tie rods ends

3. Remove the M10 and M8 bolts on the rack housing mounting plinths in the footwells

4. Loosen pinch bolt on the lower u/j on the steering column

5. Also rotating the rack to remove it isn't easy. If the rivnut just behind the pinion housing is removed (read banged with a hammer!) it makes life much easier.

5. Juggle steering rack forward

6. Slide out sideways

7. Put new one in reverse order

8. Consider changing the steering rack raiser plates if the car is being lowered

Steering rack raiser plates fitment

Jack up one side and remove wheel

Drill out rivet on steering plates

Loosen M10 bolt on both sides

Loosen M8 bolt on both sides

Loosen pinch bolt on lower UJ on steering column

On jacked up side:

Remove M10 bolt. Remove M8 bolt

Steering rack will now drop away slightly. That's OK.

Remove old plate and tap remainder of rivet out.

Fit new plate and rivet in place

Have a mate push the steering rack up and against the bulkhead again. A long screwdriver or bar can be useful to lever it in place.

Screw back M10 bolt and M8 bolt, but do not torque down yet.

Refit wheel jack up other side and repeat.

Now torque the bolts (M10 to 45Nm, M8 to 25Nm)

A 'few' extentions on your ratchet make life a whole lot easier