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PD1 Reversing Sensor installation

This is my second installation of the Parking Dynamics PD1 sensor and some of the photographs originate from MY2006 Exige installation and some from a MY2010, but I am guessing nothing serious has changed in the intervening time.

The instructions are very good but if anything make it sound more complex than it is.

Think Logically and it is all straight forward.

The kit comes with many parts but I started first with the aluminium self adhesive foil strip. It has a connector at one end that you will later attach to the ECU. Start with this in the lowest point of the boot in closest proximity to the battery. This image shows it connected but don't worry about that yet.

Then fix the strip right around the boot as low as possible. By the way always a good idea to make sure the inside of the shell is clean and dust free.

sensor fixed right around the boot

Rear light cluster with PD1 attached to +ve and -ve reverse lamp feed