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  || Short bald CATIA CAD monkey from the North. Specialising in Automotive design (interior trim, acoustics and heatshields)
  || Short bald CATIA CAD monkey from the North. Specialising in Automotive design (interior trim, acoustics and heatshields)
  || Linked Out
  || Linked Out
| [http://forums.seloc.org/m/tyrex tyrex]
|| Small business investor - talk to me.
|| [http://lnkd.in/jh_xNk Linked In]
| [http://forums.seloc.org/m/username your username here]
| [http://forums.seloc.org/m/username your username here]

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Fancy helping SELOC. Please add your name below and what you're happy to help with.

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Name Skill Linked In
Martin Dower CEO, Connected - Internet Technology Company. Develop and deploy personalised web assets (think Amazon/Ebay) that use profiling, behavioural targeting & A/B testing Linked In
jjprestidge Almost penniless mature student failure masquerading as Professor of Coffee at Bath Polytechnic. Wine fantisist. Encyclopaedic knowledge of Everything Expensive gleaned from years of googling. Linked In
acousticjim White van driving urban guerilla video cowboy. Poor sense of judgment. Enjoys aggravating members of elected local bodies. Linked In
moose Middle-aged Aston driving ex-CFO. Has expensive tastes in dresses. Likes sweets & puppies. Linked In
Stephanie Plum I certainly wouldn't want to do anything full time, but am happy to volunteer for bits of it. Maybe the database management bit, email enquiries and/or membership pack post outs. Linked In
MrD Argumentative computer-building God Botherer and Professional Car Tuner. Expert on Germanic 0-100 times, avoids corners. Buys women over the internet, lusts after Jackie Degg. Linked In
Mr Wiki Anything need to be done in the Techwiki or local events / meets Linked In
Marcus Happy to help out with routes and creating TomTom files. City of London Mon - Fri if that is of any use. Linked In
eddie Hirsute gossiping IT geek. Implies he's married a supermodel however known to have accounts with all major London escort agencies. Knows everything, buys old houses. Linked In
ReVolt Web Design, SEO, Graphics and Photography, Norwich. Linked In
gibbo Maker (sometimes), buyer (sometimes), distributor and eater of cake. Woman botherer and talking bollocks a speciality Linked In
nick International Head of Everything for Hermes Parcelnet (UK & European parcel delivery) Linked In
Greg Alcoholic drug-abusing awesome person, coming soon to a hedge near you. Known to start projects, known yet to complete one. Regularly sacked. Linked In
beak Foreign, changes cars more often than underwear. Dislikes trees. Post whore. Linked In
Ozzy_Uk IT - Specifically Apple Macs, Xsan, PCs, Hardware & Software, Key skills in AV, specifically Video Calibration and Control system programming for Crestron. Side hobbies include saving the world with crazy ideas for eco-friendly performance cars, and generally trying to take on too many projects at any one time, including having a familly, building a house, doing a v8 lotus conversion, and trying to make an eco-friendly-ish performance car. Pretends to have only 17p to his name, parents own large parts of Kent. Linked In
Geordie Web developer - Server and client side development, ASP.NET & MVC framework, security testing and resilience, SEO, MS Team foundation server admin, IIS config & webserver management etc etc Linked In
R6RYM Head of Bullion Trading in Luxembourg. Theatre stage management/light design-programming, Cricket/rugby coaching, Master Swordsman Linked In
Mike-Bracknell IT Director of a small, but successful IT Support & Web Design company with a USP of bringing Enterprise-level IT to the SME market and doing it without the jargon. Has silly surname. Linked In
Darrenlts Expelled from the UK for being so out of touch and communist that even Joe Stalin said 'Jesus, that's a bit harsh!' Currently putting the world to rights in my head and alienating all others. Heroes - Gordon Brown, Fidel Castro, General Noriega, Pol Pot, Mick Hucknall. Linked In
Pinkie AutoCAD Designer (Computer Aided Design Specialist): Architectural Drawings & Planning Advice for extensions and building alterations. 2D & 3D Floor Plans, Elevations & Visuals provided for Architectural purposes; Planning applications, Estate Agents, Interior Designers, Air Con Engineers etc. 14 years experience, so drop me a line and I'll try and help! :) Linked In
jont- Embedded software engineer. Encyclopedic knowledge of the best driving roads in southern England and most of Wales Linked In
sho Random sentence generator, purveyor of slanty sex toys. Likes to eat housepets. Linked In
rich Website stuff, FEA & CFD (ANSYS) LinkedIn
twink Video editor and After Effects diddler, past lives include B2B marketing (mostly vehicle finance), 13 years of product management & NPD, project management (successfully bluffed my way through leading the integration of HSBC Vehicle Finance into Lex despite not understanding the IT and having no proper PM training) and accountancy but I don't like to talk about that LinkedIn
LivinLaVidaLotus All things Internet, web hosting, cloud hosting, domains, SSL certificates, un-managed server hosting, leased lines, fully managed hosting - including LAMP application scaling consultancy. LinkedIn
AndyKay Web design + PHP Web dev + SEO + Bespoke Cloud based CRMs LinkedIn
flying banana IT Director with experience in Communications and Collaboration tools, Custom Helmet Design and Paint (lidzart.com), Mechanical Engineering background - competent with power tools :) LinkedIn
Col Employment Law Consultant (UK and Euro). Employment Advisor, Hampshire CAB.
the DustRoom Computer programmer; creator of desktop software, high-end web shizzle and mobile apps. Objective-C, ActionScript 3, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, jQuery, PureMVC etc. Also music creator and HD video fiddler. Linked In
AlunR- Web development, IT Support and Planning, Consultancy Linked In
Tegra_Boy Alleged marketing whizz kid and apprentice sales guru at NVIDIA. In what little spare time my work/wife balance allows, I love pretending to be a drum and bass DJ, the captain of many a four-wheeled craft, whilst furious trying to manage my colossal collection of coloured buttons. Linked In
Anth Short bald CATIA CAD monkey from the North. Specialising in Automotive design (interior trim, acoustics and heatshields) Linked Out
tyrex Small business investor - talk to me. Linked In
your username here What can you do, where & when? Linked In