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| Leeds
| Leeds
| Blinky
| Blinky
| Can provide taxi service for 1-4 passengers 1hr radius of Leeds (Golf if wet/more than 1 pax)
| Can provide emergency taxi service for 1-4 passengers 1hr radius of Leeds (Golf if wet/more than 1 pax)
| West Dorset
| West Dorset

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Listing of Rescue Rangers willing to help selocers in distress please feel free to add, subtract or amend your entry

United Kingdom

Area Member Name Notes
Swindon Area APRETEXT Always happy to help anyone who breaks down around the Swindon area.

Although my help tends to be limited to a few kind words, a quizzical look, and the lending of my tools. And a cup of tea.

Essex TONYR We have a reasonably private parking area at home and a good engineer on call in Essex, altough I must warn him of this should it come to fruition!!!
Bedfordshire JONATHANMILLER Happy to help anyone stuck at the Autodrome in Bedford.
Bedfordshire MGH74 Happy to help anyone in NorthBeds/Northants
South West (Falmouth & Padstow, Cornwall) LECHIFFRE I would stress that I know fcuk all about anything mechanical but fortunately know a few people who do.
Jersey LAWRENCE5 I'll take Jersey. ... that said you can walk the entire island in a day
Gloucestershire MISH Happy to help anyone who gets stuck in Gloucestershire
Ammanford, Wales V4FRP I can provide translation services for those stuck in the west of Wales, tea, tools of dubious quality and parking space for another wreck in amongst my own wrecks.
Bristol THE_LAD Happy to help anyone near me, lifts to/from Williams sports cars etc back to civilisation bus stop or town
North Lincolnshire (Grimsby) ARISUTEA Quite happy to hit someones broken car with a spanner in/around the grubby Northern part of Lincolnshire. Can't guarantee I'll make it work again, but I'll try. Although why the hell you'd be coming here is beyond me (unless going to Cadwell or Blyton, then you are excused).
Sittingbourne, Kent ELISEMAN North kent area. Loan of tools, spannering and easy repairs to see you on your way, tea/biscuits and a shoulder to cry on. If you are really stuck I can offer over night secure storage of car/belongings.
Cornwall (Helston) DONKSTER Sounds like a great idea. I'd be happy to help out if needed, that's another one for deepest darkest south west...
Chelmsford Essex SMARTBEAR I have a fairly spacious drive that seloc'ers could abandon their wreckage on.

I promise I won't remove anything (much) from your car.

Colchester, Essex PETESNAP I know sod all about cars, but I can offer a sympathetic ear and a lift to a petrol station/garage if needed.
Cornwall TURNAMERE I can offer up a little practical nouse, decent selection of well used tools, room for a Lotus on my drive if required along with Paramedic and helicopter winch rescue services for the more extreme emergencies.
Knutsford Cheshire BROOKE BOND Tea, Tools, driveway & poss trailer access, south Manchester , Cheshire patch
Newquay Cornwall GINGER S1 Happy to help out in Newquay/Cornwall area, have spare bedroom too
Southampton area TRIGGER F*ck am I helping you twonks !! ..LOL ......
Oxfordshire / Warwickshire MRRIGMA Happy to assist if I can, have tools and know a few bits and bobs.
Northern Ireland The Persian Happy to help anyone stuck, Warm garage and tools, plenty of space for cars & driver/passengers.
Durham/ Newcastle JTBush Loads of tools, inspection pit for work under car and a kettle
East Yorkshire seriouslylotus Loads of tools, Lots of parts, flat bed trailer, recovery truck with winch (I hope you don't need the winch!!)
Leeds Blinky Can provide emergency taxi service for 1-4 passengers 1hr radius of Leeds (Golf if wet/more than 1 pax)
West Dorset Jamherber Good range of tools and knowledge. Access to a garage. A penchant to paint things yellow - you have been warned!
Cardiff Steff Got tools, garage, cuddly toy and can suck air in between my teeth and tut like an expert.
Guildford Area CHOPPER Tools and tea available, S1's only. No S2 bumders :-)

Mainland Europe

Area Member Name Notes
North of the Netherlands

North west border region of Germany

MARTEN I have a trailer with winch, a fully equipped workshop and many spare parts as I'm professionally working on Elise's
Belgium (Francorchamps to Brussels) THIVA I live close to the Zolder circuit and might also be able to help people on their way from Francorchamps to Brussels.
Lundberg Uppsala Sweden CAT7 EVEN I´d be more than happy to assist any selocer who dares to travel North.
NRW Area, Germany TAZ I can ridicule anyone who breaks down in NRW area and post pictures of their misfortune.
Nice / Cap D'Ail / Monaco / Menton BURT Happy to help out in Nice / Cap D'Ail / Monaco / Menton area of southern france... even have a freindly French/Canadian mechanic next door that looks after my Loti!!
Nice / Cap D'Ail / Monaco / Menton SDIO Willing to help if I can (plenty of tools but no garage to do the work).
Limousin/Dordogne area of South West France JERRYTLR Can probably help a bit with the language, have a 2 post lift, lots of tools, and a car trailer. Also good friends with a local mechanic :-)
Tilburg (NL), Eindhoven (NL), Venlo (NL), MonchenGladbach (D) Maastricht (NL), Hasselt (B) CAPO I can Help in the South of the Netherlands, North of Belgium, part of Germany. Have tools, have some spare parts (brakepads, driveshafts, softtop, softtop bows, etc), have a dry garage without a lift but with decent stands, etc. and have a couple of companies close by that have most of the parts on stock like starter, alternator, etc.
Hamburg, Lübeck - northern Germany - Baltic Sea felixj Happy to help anyone stranded in the area. Have most of the tools (albeit spread over both locations), OBD reader, trolley jack, car with tow bar.
Bremen, Germany PORKER I could cover off support for 100km radius around Bremen Germany. But I know [Censored] all about mechanical stuff. So basically tea and translation services.
Munich area, Germany KORBI Happy to help anybody out who needs a proper look onto the car, repairs (every tool you'll need for an Elise), recovery or just a cuppa or a cold beer. SWMBO may sleep in my bed err...flat too, but I'm happy to take you to a hostel though. Munich area and south of it (say, until passo Rombo)