Spark plugs

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Spark Plugs

  • 27nm Torque
  • S1 = 0.9mm (0.900mm) Gaping

Elise S1

Lotus PN:A111E6043S

Lotus PN:A111E6285S

  • S1 = 0.9mm (0.900mm) Gaping
  • Champion: RC8 PYP
  • NGK PFR 6N-11
  • NGK PFR 6 N R
  • Bosch F 5 DP 0R
  • Bosch FR 56

Elise S2

Lotus PN:A117E6023S

  • S2 = 1mm (1.00mm) Gaping

  • NGK PFR6N-11

Honda K20A2

  • Denso Iridium SK22PR-M11
  • NGK IFR7G-11KS

Iridium plugs are OEM fitment on the K20 engine.

DO NOT TRY TO GAP IRIDIUM PLUGS YOURSELF! The electrode is extremely thin (only approx 1 to 2mm) and can damage easily.




Bell & Colvill S2 Spark Plugs

Bell & Colvill S1 Spark Plugs

Bell & Colvill S1 Exige, 340R , Elise S1 190 Spark Plugs