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Work In Progress

Standard Sizes

Although the base model Elise was originally supplied with narrower, 185/55R15 and 205/50R16 tyres, the use of the wider 195/50R15 and 225/45R16 wheels used on the 111S and other models has become very common.

The S1 Exige uses larger diameter wheels, and therefore for tyre options you should refer to the Tyres - S2 Wiki entry.

Standard Optional
Model Front Rear Front Rear
Base 185/55 R15 205/50 R16 195/50 R15 225/45 R16
111S/Sport 135/Sport 160/340R 195/50 R15 225/45 R16
S1 Exige 195/50 R16 225/45 R17


OE Fitment

Yokohama Advan Neova


Toyo T1-R

Toyo R1-R

Yokohama AD08


Avon ZZR

Toyo R888

Yokohama A048


Yokohama W.Drive V902A