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Work In Progress

Standard Sizes

Although the base model Elise was originally supplied with narrower, 185/55R15 and 205/50R16 tyres, the use of the wider 195/50R15 and 225/45R16 tyres has become very common.

The S1 Exige uses larger diameter wheels, and therefore for tyre options you should refer to the Tyres - S2 Wiki entry.

Standard Optional
Model Front Rear Front Rear
Base 185/55 R15 205/50 R16 195/50 R15 225/45 R16
111S/Sport 160 185/55 R15 225/45 R16 195/50 R15 225/45 R16
340R 195/50 R15 225/45 R16
S1 Exige 195/50 R16 225/45 R17


OE Fitment

Single piece, light alloy roadwheels, in various styles, were fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres, engineered to provide the optimum balance of ride and handling characteristics. Pirelli P Zero's were the recommended tyres for use on the vehicle under normal road conditions.

Pirelli ceased manufacture of the P Zero however, and Group Lotus recommend the Yokohama C-Drive as their replacement[1]. Note that the only way to mix tyres is with a pair of P Zeros on the front and a pair of C-Drives on the back.

You can find the official range of tyres for Lotus Cars from the S1 Elise onwards on the Lotus Cars - Wheels, Brakes & Suspension page.

Yokohama C.drive

Yokohama AD05/06


Toyo T1-R

Toyo R1-R

Yokohama AD08


Avon ZZR

Toyo R888

Yokohama A048


Yokohama W.Drive V902A