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|{{y}} £456
|{{y}} £456
|Front only available in 205/45R16
|Front only available in 205/45R16.  6.5mm tread depth from new

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Usage Manufacturer - Model Treadwear Cost fitted (£) Notes

Yokohama ADVAN A048LTS 100 YesY £500 YesY £600 Excellent dry grip
Yokohama ADVAN A048m 100 YesY £200 NoN £300 Tyre used by LoTRDC racers
Toyo R888 100 YesY £900 NoN £1200 none
Toyo R1-R 140 NoN £123 YesY £456 Front only available in 205/45R16. 6.5mm tread depth from new

SUMMER Yokohama A039 200 YesY £7890 YesY £4560 YesY £9990 Best road tyre, not great on track
Yokohama AD08 200 YesY £789 NoN £456 YesY £999 Front only available in 205/45R16

WINTER Yokohama W.drive ? YesY £123 YesY £123 Good in snow!

  • Cost is for a four tyre set, including fitting
  • Tyrewear can not be compared across manufacturers (use only as a guide)
  • Green tick indicates tyre available in OEM sizes (S1 = xxx, S2 = 195/50R16 + 225/45R17)
  • Red cross indicates tyre not available in OEM sizes and slightly different size must be used (usually wider fronts)
  • See individual manufacturer tyre pages for further details