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===Team Dynamics/Komo Tec===
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! Design !! Pictures !! Colours !! Size !! Part numbers !! Weight
! Standard
| Black
| Front: 8J x 17"<br />Rear: 10J x 18"
| Front: 9.1kg<br />Rear: 10.9kg

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Design Pictures Colours Size Part numbers Weight
Standard Black, cast Silver, cast Diamond Cut, cast Black - Cast
Diamond Cut - Cast
Silver - Cast
Front: 7.5J x 17"
Rear: 9.5J x 18"
Black Front: A138G0019F
Black Rear: A138G0024F
Diamond Cut Front: A138G0001F
Diamond Cut Rear: A138G0002F
Silver Front: A138G0020F
Silver Rear: A138G0052F
Front: 7.50kg
Rear: 11.07kg
Winter Cast alloy, 12 spoke, 5-bolt fixing Front: 7.5J x 17" ET30
Rear: 8.0J x 18" ET15
Front: A138G0007F
Rear: A138G0008F

Team Dynamics/Komo Tec

Design Pictures Colours Size Part numbers Weight
Standard Black Front: 8J x 17"
Rear: 10J x 18"
Front: 9.1kg
Rear: 10.9kg

Wheel Dimensions

Details provided by Simon Bichara[1].

Type Standard Cast alloy, 5 spoke-split in pairs, silver or black, 5-bolt fixing with diamond cut machine finish on the 5 radial spokes
Size Front 7.5J x 17 H2 ET 26.3
Rear 9.5J x 18 H2 ET35
Inset Front + 26.0 mm
Rear + 35.0 mm
PCD Front 5x110.0 ± 0.1 mm
Rear 5x114.3 ± 0.1 mm
Wheel bolts Thread M12 x 1.5 x 26 mm
Torque 105 Nm
Seat 60° taper
Centre spigot hole diameter 65 mm
Radial run-out at bead seat 0.3 mm max.
Laterial run-out at bead seat 0.3 mm max.

Note that the inset figure is the displacement of the wheelrim centreline relative to the wheel/hub mounting face. A positive inset indicates that the wheelrim centreline lies inboard of the wheel mounting face, whereas a negative inset means the wheelrim centreline is outboard of the mounting face.

Wheel Bolts

Wheel bolts should be tightened to 105 Nm.


As standard the tyres on the Exige S are the following sizes:
Front: 205/45 R17 88Y, 32 psi (2.2 bar)
Rear: 265/35 R18 97Y (Corsa)/93Y (Trofeo), 38 psi (2.6 bar)

OE Fitment

As standard the Exige S comes equipped with Pirelli P Zero Corsa summer tyres.

Track focused Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tyres are also available from Lotus, combining 2 distinct tread patterns. The inner area, together with the longitudinal grooves, responds to the critical issues of wet surfaces and aquaplaning, while the outer area with pattern derived from rally asphalt applications, ensures the required rigidity to cope with the stresses during cornering, typical of racetrack driving.

For winter tyres Lotus specify Pirelli SottoZero Serie II tyres, SottoZero 210 Serie II 205/45 R17 88V M+S (33.5 psi) for the fronts, SottoZero 240 Serie II 235/40 R18 95V M+S (36 psi) for the rears. Although the rear tyres can fit the standard 9.5J x 18" rear wheels, Lotus also supply 8J x 18" rear wheels.


Avon Motorsport ZZR tyres are available to fit the Exige S and are used for the Exige V6 Cup and Exige V6 Cup R for the Lotus Cup UK and Europe series. The fronts are a fraction wider at 215/40 R17, resulting in a slight decrease in rolling radius for the front tyre as there is a 1.95% decrease in diameter due to the lower side profile.

Conti Wintersport TS 830P tyres are also available to fit the Exige S as an alternative winter tyre[2].
205/45/17 Conti WinterContact TS 830P 205/45 R17 88V XL
265/35/18 Conti WinterContact TS 830P 265/35 R18 97V XL