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S1 Window Adjustment

S1 Window

S2 Window Adjustment

The S2 windows can need adjusting now and then.

First of all ensure the softtop is fitted correctly.


On the picture above

1 and 4 will adjust window tilt.

2 and 3 will adjust window height, you will need to remove the window winder and door cover.

5 will adjust window back and forth.

Inside of a 06' Elise door

Electric window bumpstop

Cars with electric windows are a little different. Glass height is determined by the position of an adjustable stop which is accessible behind the plastic membrane at the top of the access aperture. To adjust the stop, use a 10 mm spanner to release the lock nut. This is best done with the window fully up as the stop will be held tight by the window mechanism. Once the lock nut is released, wind the window down a little and using fingers, screw the stop in or out as required. Once correctly adjusted, nip up the lock nut.