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Design Pictures Colours Size Part numbers Weight
Classic Silver, cast Stealth Grey, cast Silver - Cast
Stealth Grey - Cast
Front: 8.0J x 18"
Rear: 9.5J x 19"
Silver Front: A132G0006F
Silver Rear: A132G0007F
Stealth Grey Front: A132G0008F
Stealth Grey Rear: B132G0009F
Front: 10.4kg
Rear: 12.6kg
Sport Silver, forged Gloss Anthracite, forged Diamond Cut, forged Silver - Forged
Anthracite - Forged
Diamond Cut - Forged
Front: 8.0J x 18"
Rear: 9.5J x 19"
Silver Front: B132G0051F
Silver Rear: B132G0052F
Diamond Cut Front: A132G0102F
Diamond Cut Rear: A132G0103F
Anthracite Front: B132G0049F
Anthracite Rear: B132G0050F
Front: 9.5kg
Rear: 12.0kg
Turbine Diamond Cut, Forged Diamond Cut - Forged Front: 8.0J x 18"
Rear: 9.5J x 19"
Left Front: ALS5G0003F
Right Front: ALS5G0004F
Left Rear: ALS5G0005F
Right Rear: ALS5G0006F
Design Diamond Cut, Forged Gunmetal, Forged Gloss Black, Forged Diamond Cut - Forged
Gunmetal - Forged
Gloss Black - Forged
Satin Gold - Forged
Front: 8.0J x 19"
Rear: 9.5J x 20"
Diamond Cut Front: A132G0092F
Diamond Cut Rear: A132G0094F
Satin Gold Front: A132G0110F
Satin Gold Rear: A132G0111F


Manufacturer Design Pictures Colours Size Notes Weight
PB Racing SD Motorsport Wheel Evora PB Racing SD Motorsport Wheel Evora - 18" front

19" front or rear
20" rear

Available in 18" (290€ per wheel), 19" (360€ per wheel) and 20" (400€ per wheel) to match standard Evora wheel sizes. -


Manufacturer Design Pictures Colours Size Part numbers Notes Weight
Lotus Racing Rimstock Competition wheels Lotus Racing Rimstock Competition Wheels Black
Front: 8.5J x 18"
Rear: 10J x 18"
Set: ALS5G0023J Rimstock wheels sold by Lotus Racing for use with Evora GTS/GTN race cars Front: 10.6kg

Rear: 11.1kg

Wheel Dimensions

18" Front, 19" Rear

Type Standard Cast alloy, 10 spokes in pairs, silver or grey, 5-bolt fixing.
Optional Forged alloy, 10 radial spokes, silver or grey, 5-bolt fixing.
Size Front 8.0J x 18H2
Rear 9.5J x 19H2
Inset Front + 52 mm
Rear + 69 mm
PCD 114.3mm
Wheel bolts Thread M12 x 1.5 x 26 mm
Torque 105 Nm
Seat 60° taper
Centre spigot hole diameter 68 mm
Radial run-out at bead seat 0.3 mm max.
Laterial run-out at bead seat 0.3 mm max.

Note that the inset figure is the displacement of the wheelrim centreline relative to the wheel/hub mounting face. A positive inset indicates that the wheelrim centreline lies inboard of the wheel mounting face, whereas a negative inset means the wheelrim centreline is outboard of the mounting face.

Wheel Bolts

The wheel bolts used are of a special design to suit the small diameter fixing tunnels in the wheel centres. The bolts have an M12 x1.5 thread, 60° conical seat, and a 10 spline socket head for which a special extension tool is supplied with the car.

A 17 mm a/f deep socket and 1/2 inch square drive torque wrench should be applied to the extension tool, with a tightening torque of 105 Nm required.

To protect against wheel theft, one of the five bolts securing each wheel is key coded, and requires a correspondingly coded adaptor tool. Fit the adaptor tool onto a 1/2 inch square drive extension, and rotate the adaptor until until full engagement into the bolt head is assured before applying torque. Note that an alignment mark is provided on the coded bolt head and adaptor tool to aid refitting. The spline drive extension and the coded adaptor tool are stowed in the vehicle tool pouch, and should remain with the car at all times to allow servicing or repairs to be performed.

The Part No. for the wheel bolts is A132G6002F.


OE Fitment

The Evora is supplied as standard with Pirelli P-Zero tyres. The fronts are 225/40 ZR18, the rears are 255/35 ZR19. Pressures as listed in the owners manual are front 33psi, rear 36 psi. This is increased to 40psi and 43psi if the car is heavily loaded. Pirelli produce different compounds for different manufacturers - for the Evora MO compound tyres are used on the front and MO1 for the rear[1].

If you opt for the larger diameter Design wheels then tyre sizes are increased to 235/35 R19 for the fronts and 275/30 R20 for the rears, with Pirelli P-Zero Corsa's becoming the standard fitment.

Winter tyres are also available from Lotus in the form of the Yokohama W. Drive V902 'LTS'. These are 215/40 R18 on the front, 245/35 R19 on the rear and use the same pressures as the standard Pirellis.


Yokohama Advan Sport AD08's are also available to fit the Evora. Yokohama's were used during the cars development before switching to Pirelli P-Zeros for production.

Avon also makes the ZZ5 in sizes to suit the Evora and aimed towards 'small to medium -sized high-performance cars'[2]. These have been tried by at least two forum members.[3]

Michelin Pilot Super Sport as used on the Evora 400 has been confirmed by Lotus as an acceptable alternative to Pirelli Corsa LS. Sizes 235/35 R19 91Y XL and 275/30 R20 97Y XL (non-branded). E-mail conversation with Lotus posted at Lotus Car Club of Sweden forum. [4]


As of 2013 the Lotus Cup UK and Europe series, which feature the Evora GTS, GTN and GT4 race cars, make use of the Avon Motorsport ZZR road legal tyres in conjunction with the 18" Rimstock wheels supplied by Lotus Racing.


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