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The system is charged with 0.55 kg of refrigerant HFC R134a.

Filling points on Elise are located in the front services compartment, and on the Exige ahead of the RH rear wheel, accessible after removal of the front most part of the wheel-arch liner. (This depends on the year!)

Standard R134a 'quick fit' connectors are used in the compressor suction & discharge pipes at the right side closest to the firewall of the engine bay;

  • the low pressure vapour line is fitted in the pipe between the evaporator & compressor.
  • the high pressure liquid line is fitted in the pipe between the compressor & condenser.

There is a "Lotus Service Notes," "Section PL," that goes into great detail including torque setting for all the pipe work, diagrams, part numbers.

All of the pipes are aluminium, they have a lip on each end, this makes the nuts captive. There are "O" rings these should be replaced if the joint is opened, not all the "O" rings are the same size.



Lotus Part Number A132E6349S Toyota/DENSO Part Number 8832042120 UAC Part number UAC CO 10856C

FROM A USA TOYOTA RAV 4 3.5L V6 2006-2012

The non oem one was $160 + p&p + duty, in all £240 (FROM USA EBAY JUNE 2014). The lotus unit is £1500!

I have just bought the same aircon pump from USA total cost including taxes and shipping £219 . Got it fitted and gassed for £100 and working fine , Jason Trevor Nov 2017