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Elise S1 Boot Release Cable

These tend to rust near the release handle and eventually snapping.

Changing Boot Release Cable

The latch in the boot needs to be removed by undoing the two hex bolts on the plinth. Take note of the washers that will come off with the latch. Undo the small cable lock-off bolt to release the cable. Remove the rear wheel and arch liner to be able to pull the cable through and undo the nut from the back of the boot release handle. Pull the handle through (if it hasn't already snapped off) and put the new cable in remembering to put the new washer and nut onto the cable from the back as you thread it through.

Late S1 Elise Difference

Where the cable runs over the rear wheel arch it disappears into a box section towards the release handle that isn't present on earlier cars. The cable goes through a small hole, travels up through a slot in the aluminium above and then to the hole for the release handle.

To remove the old cable you will need to remove the speaker, speaker surround and pod to get to the back of the release handle nut;

Pull seat forward and take the roof off for better access. Remove the seat belt reel (remember to replace this with correct thread lock and torque when refitting. Pull speaker grill off carefully from sides, it's lightly glued in place. Undo three speaker screws. Remove speaker surround and speaker from pod, carefully pull speaker connectors noting which connector on which tab and put aside in a safe place. Undo small screw on the speak pod, it's behind the roll hoop under the rear window. Pull the speaker pod housing away, it's mostly Velcro and comes away fairly easily but take care not to pressure the housing as it can break in places.

The nut can be undone with a 14mm spanner from deep inside the speaker area.

It is possible that the nut will be rusted to the thread due to age and the amount of moisture this area gets. In this case I found drilling the holder out from the front where the release handle sits was the last resort but care must be taken not to damage the release cable bracket/plate. Don't be tempted to hammer the old cable end as this can move or bend the bracket.

Late S1 - Threading New Cable

Trying to thread the cable from the speaker pod area down to the small hole in the box section thats in the late S1 is pretty much an impossible task. Instead take a short piece of curved tubing where the diameter is just a little bigger than the diameter of the new cable. I used some tubing from an Eezibleed Kit (Brake fluid bleed kit) and push this through the small hole in the wheel arch liner area with the curve of the tube going up. It's fairly easy to get this tubing through the slot in the aluminium. Then from the speaker pod area push the new cable end into the tube until it's in the tube tight. Now pull that tube back from the wheel arch side and the cable should thread through easily. Remove the tube and thread the cable into through the hole to the boot box. When threading using the tubing keep a hand on the nut and washer for the back of the release handle as if this slips through the slot in the aluminium you may not be able to retrieve it.

Push the release hand flush to the body of the car and do up the 14mm nut on the back through the speaker pod. Be careful not to cross thread as it's easy to not get the orientation correct.

Connect the cable to the latch in the boot with the latch in the locked position (no tension), thread the cable through the cable lock-off and tighten the small bolt. Bolt the latch back to the underside of the plinth remembering to place the washers in the same place they came off and with the latch the correct way up.