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Stainless Steel brake hoses

Brake hoses are used to transfer brake fluid to the brake calliper and force the brake pads onto the brake discs. They should not be confused with brake lining even though they are sometimes referred to as brake lines.

On an Elise the standard brake hoses are made from rubber which is fine up to a point, however these hoses tend to expand under the hydraulic pressure from the brake system, this results in the effort from your foot expanding the hose instead of stopping the car. Primarily this reduces brake feel.

Upgrading these (usually to stainless steel braided Teflon hoses) results in a firmer, more positive brake pedal with less pedal travel. There are four brake hoses on the Elise and the procedure for changing them is relatively involved.

It is worth noting that on the S2 Exige fitted with ABS, one of the front hoses will be slightly longer than the other three to accomodated for the inboard ABS unit located under the radiator on the off side. In addition the fitting of the new front hoses will require the removal of the front clam due to the ABS unit.

Procedure for changing the brake hoses

Some instructions for an Elise S1 here

Aftermarket Products

Stainless Steal Goodridge Brake hose Kit

Lotus Part Number: A340J6000S

Will fit

Elise S1 and S2

Exige S1 and S2


Will NOT fit USA spec

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