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Want to look hard and lift that front inside tyre?

Fitting an adjustable ARB is relatively straight forward.


1. Support the front of the car

  • Remove both front wheels.

2. Remove old ARB

3. Fit new one

Eliseparts Uprated ARB
ARB Mounting
ARB Drop Link
Wheel Hub View

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First remove the lower bolts holding the droplinks to the ARB. You may need a ball joint splitter for this and i'd suggest wire brushing any rust off the threads first.

Then you will have to remove the front aluminum access panel. On mine two of the rivnutted bolts had seized so I had to grind the heads off.

You will then have to drill out the rivits on the two aliminium panels on either side of the crash structure. You may be able to just remove one side, turn the arb through 180deg then spin it out.

Then undo the two allen bolts holding the ARB bracket either side of the chassis using an allen key. It would be a good idea to use some WD40 on these as mine had seized in quite well! If the bolts have two different sized washers on the larger washer goes on the bottom (there isn't room for it at the top once 1/2 done up). Once the bracket is off the car use a ratchet to put the bolt in and out a couple of times to clear any cr*p out of the thread. This makes it easier to do up once back on the car.

On earlier cars the bushes are held in by extra long bolts holding the bushes and the lower front wishbone bushes in

You should then be able to drop the ARB from underneath the car