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The coin trays are a handy and near-guaranteed way to lose credit cards into your sills. By removing them, they also provide a route into the sills should you need one.

They are attached to the metal, not fibreglass, by a varying amount of sikafix which is impervious to many forms of attack. From the amount of stuff applied I guess these are safety critical and must not move in the event of a nuclear strike.

I tried fishing wire (which snapped), dental floss (same), and warming with a hair dryer, then heat gun prior to a renewed attack. I ended up sharpening a decorator's stripping knife by using a file, then using force applied with a hammer. Popped straight off.

Hopefully the pictures will show you what you're aiming for, and where you need to apply the blows. Going in from the fibreglass side of things will not help at all. There is a small lip on the side edge closest to the door - this is not glued.