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A DPM is a topic that has been posted more than once on the forums. It stands for 'Double Posting Muppet'

(DPM is one of many forum acronyms and abbreviations).

Some DPMs recur when users new to the forums locate stories or videos on the web that are of interest to Lotus drivers, but have been around for some time.

Popular subjects include:

[1] The unfortunate story of an Exige driver whose car was wrecked by an employee of a valeting company.

[2] A video of an undercover police car chasing a motorsport Elise with the catchy numberplate 'BLOWN K'

[3] Blue Angel - a modified elise S1. We've all seen it, and we all think it's rubbish.

[4] Pictures of a US spec elise which has fallen off a set of ramps.

[5] The Lotus Exige Espionage. It isn't James Bond's next car, it's just an old special edition with an impractical "saville-row" interior.

[6] Vandalised Aqua Lotus elise in London. The vandals were tracked down by some unknown Lotus Owners Club.

[7] A man buys a farm, and finds a barn full of cars. And it's not real.

[8] Some swiss loons have made an elise that can go underwater.

[9] Ken Block driving a scooby very sideways. Posted at least once every week for the past month or so.

[10] Button in F1 accident - just don't please.....

[11]Snatch Wars - it was funny and we didn't want to add it but as Brick Top says "You're on thin f*#king ice my pedigree chums, and I shall be under it when it breaks. Now, f*#k off".

[12]Dean Evans overtaking about 30 Elises in the first lap of a race at Bathurst.

[13] The joke about men being agony aunts (also see [14] and [15])

[16] Beak's monthly, weekly or sometimes daily spotted of GaryDVO (also see [17] [18], [19] [20] [21] [22] [23])

[24]) No, there will not be an Abarth Elise

[25] Veet for men, this was funny........last year http://www.amazon.co.uk/Veet-Men-Hair-Removal-Creme/dp/B000KKNQBK

[26]) NO NOT A LOTUS, BUT LOOK AT THIS! ugly green XTamy

[27]) Dubai have an Evora Ambulance

plus someone added this - but can't find a thread: Blue S1 elise behind hammond on topgear 21/06/09