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The Lotus Racing Evora GTN upgrade packages were developed by Lotus Racing based on the Evora GT4 and GTS race cars, allowing for a factory support route for adapting Evora road cars in to Evora GTN specification road cars, eligible for entry in to the Lotus Cup Race Series in the V6 Cup class.

Lotus Evora GTN Brochure


Evora GTN - Bodywork - Kit.jpg

Part No: ALS5B0157J

The bodywork kit comprises of a selection of parts found as standard on the race-winning Lotus Evora GT4 car. These parts are principally designed to increase the aerodynamic performance of the car.

Total BODYWORK Kit price Ex VAT £3,750

Rear Wing

Evora GTN - Bodywork - Rear Wing.jpg

Part No: ALS5B0023J

Aero optimised designed GRP rear wing. Its formed shape has been extensively tested in-house and on circuit. It includes wing end plates and retain the existing mounts.

Kit Price: £1,295

Barge Boards

Evora GTN - Bodywork - Barge Boards.jpg

Part No: ALS5V0050J

Providing a larger underfloor surface area to increase downforce by increasing the effective floor area. Supplied in painted gloss block.

Kit Price: £295

Rear lourved engine cover

Evora GTN - Bodywork - Rear lourved engine cover.jpg

Part No: ALS5B0006F

Made from lightweight GRP the glass replacement offers a weight saving and improvement in heat dissipation from the engine bay.

Kit Price: £395

'A' Panels

Evora GTN - Bodywork - A Panels.jpg

Part No: ALS5B0158J

Made from lightweight GRP they assist in removing the turbulent air from around the wheel, and therefore increase downforce and improve brake cooling.

Kit Price: £595

Carbon door frame and polycarbonate windows

Evora GTN - Bodywork - Carbon door frame and polycarbonate windows.jpg

Part No: ALS5B0159J

Offers significant weight reduction and drivers side window features a slider.

Kit Price: £975

Rear quarter carbon panels

Evora GTN - Bodywork - Rear quarter carbon panels.jpg

Part No: ALS5B0160J

Made from high quality ‘pre preg’ carbon fibre these panels replace the existing and heavier glass parts.

Kit Price: £465


Evora GTN - Chassis - Kit.jpg

Part No: ALS5C0086J

The chassis kit focuses on improving the handling of the developed Lotus chassis with the inclusion of motorsport specification wishbones, and high performance Ohlins dampers with 2 way adjustment, fitted with stiffer Eibach springs. Added to the package are increased stiffness anti roll bars and either black or silver 18” GT4 cast aluminium alloy rims.

Total Chassis Kit Price: £9,200

Motorsport specification wishbone kit

Lotus Racing - ALS5C0087J.jpg

Part No: ALS5C0087J

Comprising of all 8 wishbones these are fitted with high specification cross axis joints as opposed to OEM silent blocks, and allow improved stiffness, reduced friction and increased camber adjustment on the front over standard wishbones.

Kit Price: £2,695

Lotus Racing 2 Way Adjustable Ohlins Damper & Spring Car Kit

Lotus Racing - ALS5C0088J.jpg

Part No: ALS5C0088J

These performance dampers from Ohlins are adjustable for low speed bump and rebound, and developed specifically for Evora race cars. Comprising of stiffer Eibach springs and motorsport specification mounts they offer the ability to fine tune the handling for the perfect set up.

Kit Price: £4,295

Front anti roll bar

Lotus Racing - ALS5C0089J.jpg

Part No: ALS5C0089J

Developed by Lotus Racing and supplied with rubber mounts it offers increased stiffness to improve handling that works best in conjunction with Ohlins dampers and Lotus Racing wheel package.

Kit Price: £465

Rear anti roll bar

Evora GTN - Chassis - Rear Anti Roll Bar.jpg

Part No: ALS5C0090J

Developed by Lotus Racing and supplied with rubber mounts it offers increased stiffness to improve handling that works best in conjunction with Ohlins dampers and Lotus Racing wheel package.

Kit Price: £465

Lotus Racing Wheel Package

Evora GTN - Chassis - Lotus Racing Wheel Package.jpg

Part No: ALS5G0023J

Competition wheels manufactured by Rimstock are used as standard on the Evora GT4. These wheels are cast aluminium alloy to improve strength and reduce weight, and are available in black or silver.

Kit Price: £1,295

Front and Rear Tow Straps

Evora GTN - Chassis - Front and Rear Tow Straps.jpg

Part No: ALS5A0185J

Front and rear straps are designed for recovery operations and are a requirement for track use. Supplied in bright red with the appropriate mount for fitting.

Kit Price: £195


Evora GTN - Interior - Kit.jpg

Part No: ALS5V0051J

The interior kit provides all the parts that develop your car for track use. Our primary concern for both you and your car is safety, and this kit comprises of a bolt in roll cage, Sparco racing seat on fixed runners, and a 6 point Hans compliant harness. For ultimate safety it also includes a fire extinguisher system and quick release Sparco racing steering wheel.

Total Interior Kit Price: £5,750

FIA Roll Cage Assembly

Evora GTN - Interior - FIA Roll Cage Assembly.jpg

Part No: ALS5A0186J

Full FIA specification T45 roll cage as fitted the the Evora GT4. Includes fitting kit.

Kit Price: £4,095

FIA Approved Racing Seat & Seat Runners

Evora GTN - Interior - FIA Approved Racing Seat & Seat Runners.jpg

Part No: ALS5V0052J

This high specification Sparco EVO seat has been developed for race use with a lightweight fibreglass shell.

Kit Price: £495

6 Point Hans Compliant Harness

Evora GTN - Interior - 6 Point Hans Compliant Harness.jpg

Part No: ALS5V0053J

Sparco six point Hans compliant and FIA approved seat harness, supplied with necessary fitting kit.

Kit Price: £415

Life Line Electronic Fire Extinguisher Kit

Evora GTN - Interior - Life Line Electronic Fire Extinguisher Kit.jpg

Part No: ALS5V0054J

Electrically operated fire extinguisher kit, with 4 nozzles.

Kit Price: £465

Sparco Quick Release Steering Wheel

Evora GTN - Interior - Sparco Quick Release Steering Wheel.jpg

Part No: ALS5V0055J

Sparco suede covered sports steering wheel supplied with quick release boss and hub mounting, for easy and quick removal.

Kit Price: £445


Evora GTN - Powertrain - Kit.jpg

Part No: ALS5E0145J

The powertrain kit develops the performance of your Lotus Evora by improving air flow via the fitting of a performance air filter, de-cat pipe, and sports exhaust and thus increasing performance. Further developments include the fitting of a baffled wet sump, and replacing the gear cables for the latest specification improved version.

Total Powertrain Kit price Ex VAT £2,950

Engine Upgrade Kit

Evora GTN - Powertrain - Engine Upgrade Kit.jpg

Part No: ALS5E0146J

Comprising of a performance air filter, de-cat pipe and sports exhaust, this kit improves overall engine performance and response.

Kit Price: £875

Alloy Baffled Wet Sump Kit

Evora GTN - Powertrain - Alloy Baffled Wet Sump Kit.jpg

Part No: ALS5E0147J

This kit replaces the existing sump and helps to maintain adequate engine oil pressure, critical for any circuit/track use.

Kit Price: £1,495

Latest Specification Gear Cables

Evora GTN - Powertrain - Latest Specification Gear Cables.jpg

Part No: ALS5F0175J

For pre-2012 cars, this replaces the existing gear cables to bring them in line with the latest specification version. It is a lightweight, easy motion cable set to improve gearshift accuracy and feel.

Kit Price: £975


Evora ‘S’ Supercharger Kit

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - Evora ‘S’ Supercharger Kitt.jpg

Part No: ALS5E0148J

The GTN supercharger kit can be fitted to a manual gearbox and utilises all the components found on the standard Evora ‘S’ resulting in an increase of power and torque from 280 PS to 350 PS, and 350 Nm to 400 Nm respectively.

This kit is a motorsport specific item and therefore intended for use on private property and/or racing tracks only and is not intended for use on public roads. Please ensure you read the disclaimer below and understand the affect on warranty. All prices exclude vat, delivery and regional taxes.

It features the following:

  • Hi-flow fuel injectors and up-rated fuel pump
  • Replacement NGK spark plugs
  • Supercharger and belt to suit
  • Evora ‘S’ lightened flywheel
  • Up-rated clutch housing and plate
  • ECU remap (The ECU will require returning to Lotus Racing for the appropriate map update.)
  • Evora ‘S’ 2 into 1 exhaust downpipe
  • Evora ‘S’ rear under tray to increase gearbox cooling
  • Engine mount pads to reduce engine vibration/movement
  • All necessary fixings
  • Full fitting guide

Kit Price: £5,495

The are 2 available options in terms of silencer and catalyst pipes.

  • Standard Evora ‘S’ secondary pipe with catalyst and Evora ‘S’ silencer as fitted to the standard car

Part No: ALS5E0183J
Kit Price: £945

  • Secondary de-cat pipe removing the catalyst and lightweight stainless steel sports exhaust with blue tipped titanium tailpipe trims. This is the recommended option to the reduction in weight and improved breathing.

Part No: ALS5E0184J
Kit Price: £775

Oil Cooling

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - Oil Cooling.jpg

Part No: ALS5E0185J

The oil cooling kit is supplied as a separate kit to allow customisation, and this is the preferred and recommended option. This kit utilises the standard Evora 'S' air to oil coolers that are located in the front bumper. The oil is fed by pre-formed aluminium pipes that run along the sills as shown in the diagram. For model year 12 vehicles please contact Lotus Racing as a different variation is required.

Kit Price: £1,295

Performance Brake Pads – Pagid RS14

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - Performance Brake Pads – Pagid RS14.jpg

Front Part No: ALS5J0140F Rear Part No: ALS5J0177F

Pagid track pads with improved frictional coefficients for improved bite. Compound also improves fade resistance whilst maintaining good wear rate characteristics. Supplied as an axle set.

Price: £225

Performance 2-Piece Front Brake Disc

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - Performance 2-Piece Front Brake Disc.jpg

FL Disc Part No: ALS5J0140F FR Disc Part No: ALS5J0177F

Designed for competition, these 2 - piece ventilated discs offer improved performance and cooling characteristics.

Price: £385

High Ambient PWR Radiator

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - High Ambient PWR Radiator.jpg

Part No: ALS5K0064J

Double bypass 68mm radiator manufactured by PWR, offers improved cooling of engine temperature.

Note: Cannot be used in conjunction with A/C condenser and specifically for track use only.

Price: £1,295

96L ATL Fuel Cell FIA Approved

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - 96L ATL Fuel Cell FIA Approved.jpg

Part No: ALS5L0065J

96L FIA compliant bag tank. Foam filled, anti-surge tank supplied with pipes, filler necks, quick release caps, carbon quarter panels, fuel drain and all other necessary fittings.

Note: Tank also available as single item.

Price: £6,750

Interior Lightweight Door Cards

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - Interior Lightweight Door Cards.jpg

Part No: ALS5V0056J

Lightweight GRP door cards replace heavier OEM version. Car set supplied unpainted with all relevant fixings. Painting available upon request.

Price: £775

Electrically Operated Kill Switch Kit

Evora GTN - Miscellaneous - Electrically Operated Kill Switch Kit.jpg

Part No: ALS5M0225J**

FIA compliant kill switch allows for remote fitting in the cockpit for easy driver access, plus greater flexibility in location of external controls.

    • Will require a fully qualified electrical engineer, preferably with previous electronic motorsport experience.

Contact details

For further information please contact Adrian Kent - Parts Department
Telephone: +44 (0)1953 608980
Email: akent@lotuscars.com

All prices exclude VAT, delivery and local taxes. All parts shown are for track use only and may effect standard vehicle warranty.