Fitting a head unit

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How to fit a new head unit

You'll need

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Head unit 'keys'
  • About an hour

Remove the old unit

Firstly remove the plastic surround from around the head unit, if it has one, my oem blankput head unit did not. Pop in the head unit keys and gently remove the head unit, below is a set of pictures to show you how the keys slot into the cage and allow you to remove the head unit.

Remove the old head unit cage

Not all new head units will come with a cage, it will depend on your model, also if the cage fitted is from the same brand you wont need to change it over. The old cage will need to be gently 'crushed' so that you can remove it from the cars head unit hole, if you do it gently the cage can be bent back to shape after you have removed it, like in my picutres in the bellow gallery.

Fitting the new head unit

Make sure you get the cage the right way round, the lip should be on your side on the cage. Pop the cables through the cage and then gently push down as many of the cage tages down, this holds the cage in the car. I used a screw driver to do this, once your happy it is secure slide the new headunit in after connecting the ISO loom togeather. Make sure not to snag the cables.

Cage tages

Job done!