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Eliseparts lightweight flywheel

The flywheel bolts onto the rear of the crankshaft where the clutch engages with it inside the gearbox bell housing.

Lightweight flywheel

Standard original equipment flywheel weighs over 7KG most aftermarket “lightweight” flywheels weigh anywhere from 3.7 - 4.2KG

Many people change the OEM flywheel to a lightweight version. This increases throttle responsiveness and considered a worthlile upgrade if already changing the gearbox or clutch.

Another benefit of the lightened flywheel is that the rpm will drop quicker between gear changes. This helps with faster up changes.

Also makes down changes/heel 'n' toe easier as the engine blips more easily.

Flywheel Stats

Flywheel Weight (KG)
Rover K Series 1800 OE (1998) 6.625
Minister Power Lightened for K Series 1800 4.225
Elise Parts Lightweight EN24 Flywheel 3.5

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