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There are a number of options for garage flooring and this guide is to show different options with the merits of each.

Foam Tiles

Probably one of the easiest and least messy but could potentially be more expensive than a pot of paint.

Machine Mart - Clarke Anti Fatigue Foam Floor Tiles

Clarke tiles.jpg

Not the cheapest at £20 per pack (approx £9 sq.m.) but comes with a nice set of yellow borders (if you like that sort of thing). I understand that you can mix and match them with a cheaper option from Maplins...

Maplins Interlocking Cushioned Floor Mats

Maplin tiles.jpg

These are reportedly identical to the Clarke tiles and can be mixed and matched. If you wanted a small yellow border (by the garage door for instance) then you could buy one pack from Machine Mart and then buy the rest from Maplins. Pretty good value at £12.99 a set (approx £6 sq.m.).

The same tiles are available for £10 from Costco if you have access to an account (approx £4.70 sq.m.).

Some photos courtesy of Ondex (click to enlarge):

High Impact Plastic Tiles

Prices will vary over time, but the following products were listed in order of cost (from low to high) per square metre (including vat) from quotes/enquiries in 2009.

Kiwi Tiles


A superb option and available in Pantone colours. Priced at £19.38 sq.m The site also has a Floor Designer where you can design your floor with different colours. Distributed in the UK by RALT Engineering in Oxford (the racecar folks).

The U.S. Kiwitile website has some further pictures and specs.

Costco Motofloor

Priced at £19.57 sq.m. Motofloor is made by SnapLock (the same company that makes Racedeck floor tiles in the US). Motofloor is only sold in bulk packs of black & white, no custom orders in specific quantites etc. Be careful with your floor pattern - the white tiles under the wheels will almost inevitably end up with brown splodges from vulcanisation with the tyre rubber.

Garage Floor Tile Company £23.50 sq.m The Garage Floor Tile Company is made by Ecotile Flooring but is a cheaper version of the tile. It is made from recycled ecotiles but that doesn't effect the quality of the product. Bundles online are worth looking at.

Dura tiles / garagewizards £25 sq.m.

ecotile £29.50 sq.m.

Dynotile £29 sq.m.

tektiles £31 sq.m.

Mototile £21.60 sq.m.

ShowTrax - FloorTrax £24.95 sq.m (+Vat?)


A nice Axminster will do but any old carpet is perfect. If you use carpet tiles then there is a risk of them being moved by your wheels so it might be worth glueing them down with spray mount (or another glue)

Please add a photo if you have a good one

Lino Flooring


Many people have bought non-slip lino flooring from ebay (other places stock it of course) for around £5 per sq/m.

Search for 'non slip vinyl flooring' and you should find what you're looking for.

Costco have been occasionally stocking a rubber matting/flooring called g-floor since 2008. Try your local store, the costco item code for g-floor is 112281, though apparently its not a permanent stock item so you might have to phone around to see which store has got any in. Priced at £146.86 for a 17.5 ft x 7.5 ft mat (approx £12 sq.m.)