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Elise S1 Hardtop

This was a standard item made by lotus, however there are many 'aftermarket' roofs on the market and they are still available from many 'elise' part sellers.



Elise S2 Hardtop 'Long Tail'

Elise S2 Shortop Retro Fit

In March 2002, a 'hardtop' composite roof panel was introduced as a production build option for the S2 Elise. The roof panel fits between the windscreen header rail and the rear window shroud, which was revised to accommodate an external weatherstrip seal. A new shorter soft top (without 'tails') is used in conjunction with the new shroud. Note that the hardtop roof has been designed to provide a seasonal, rather than a single trip option and requires the use of a hexagonal key (supplied) to fit and remove. There is no provision to stow the panel on board the vehicle. The simple lightweight design allows customers to enjoy the benefits of enhanced aesthetics, refinement, security and weather integrity. The new short soft top and associated rear window shroud were adopted on all cars as a running change during May 2002. In order to fit a hardtop roof on an earlier ‘Mk.2’ Elise, a retrofit kit is available, comprising a painted hardtop roof panel, painted revised rear window shroud, 'short' soft top roof, door/roof rear weatherstrip seal, revised rear latch plates for the cantrails, latch plate mounting plinths (to be welded), associated fixings and handbook supplement. Note that MIG welding equipment is required to fit the cant rail latch plate mounting plinths to the seat belt mounting frame (roll over hoop). This operation should be entrusted to your dealer who has the necessary positioning jigs.

This 'Kit' is supplyed with a new shorter soft top as well.

This Kit costs about £2,000


Elise S2 Shortop After May 2002


Many people feel the 'long tail' roof looks nicer than the short top roof, however this is down to personal taste.

It is unknow if you can Retro fit a 'Long Tail' roof to a short top?

Please note this Hardtop is not the same as the VX220 Roof.