How to Fit A Spray Bar

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Fitting instructions for s2 elise K series

1.) place a line of masking tape under the current wiper blade

2.) Place a line of masking tape around the piece of the clam that surrounds the wiper arm and washer jets

3.) Remove plastic cap covering the Hex Bolt , ( place wiper in upright position , so wiper blade is in the air) Remove the Hex bolt being careful not to loose the washer and spring washer.

4.) remove the arm from the car .

4.a.) Place new arm on car with the wiperblade in the air , Bolt down using supplied Hex bolt.

5.) included in the eliseparts wiper pack is a rubber gromit , place this in bin and do the following .

5.a.)To the left of the Drivers side washer jet should be some sort of drainage slit around 5-10mm in height ( right at the end of the black plastic where the washer jets sit on ).

6.)using a stanley knife widen the slit so the hose fits through ok , make this smooth as possible to stop the hose getting cut.

7.)Empty washer bottle of fluid

8.) disconect electric plug which is plugged into the washer pump.

9.) remove washer bottle pump , instead of pulling off the tubing i would suggest using the stanley knife . Cut a nice slit on the piece that is connected to the black Pump nozzle. You can now cable tie this hose up as it is no longer needed .

10.) The new hose now needs to be connected to the pump . I would suggest lubing the pump nozzle some how to put the tubing back on ( mine snapped in half when putting this back on)

11.) Put everything back and refill

Heres also a way to Run the washer spray bar with your exisiting washer jets . See the pics below.