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Check the latest SELOC membership insurance benefits


Name & Weblink Phone Contact Mod Friendly Track Day Cover Included / Additional Information
1 Answer Insurance 0800 276 1338 Audi/ Honda/ Duratec/ Rover/ Toyota 6 Track days, 1 Answer insurance. Contact the team on 0800 276 1338 for a bespoke quote, which can include track days with reduced track day excess, agreed value, commuting, with standard features such as 60 European cover, reduced windscreen excess and legal cover. They can mirror NCB and you will earn NCB with their policies. The main Lotus insurer deals with limited mileage up to 12k pa, and they will insure all Audi, Duratec, Honda N/A, S/C, C/C set ups, along with Katana Toyota powered cars and modified Rover engined cars. USE at your own risk now Richard has left, no one will be able to help resolve the renewal problems

'Equity Red Star' policies designed primarily for '2nd car' but will quote for commuting after referral to underwriter.

REIS 0115 965 1020 Mary Singleton (mention SELOC for special rates) Yes Agreed Value Cover available. Track Day Cover (Now has Six days included - any venue in the UK or Europe, excluding Nurburgring/Nordschliffe) available - Excess is 10% of insured value. Glass Cover & Club Discounts all available. Discount for Andy Walsh/Car Limits Driver Training Day. Enhanced Windscreen Cover (up to £1000 per claim) as standard. All drivers must be 25+. Policies limited to 7000 miles per annum maximum. No premium load for Commuting although vehicle must be parked in works car park. Not able to provide cover if parked at station car park for commuting. No longer able to cover for business mileage on sports cars (SEP 2022)
Competition Car Insurance (CCI) 0344 892 1966 Option 4 Yes 4 free days with approved organisers & notification prior to day (1 days notice minimum) required. [If you have 2 years+ claim-free experience driving an Elise or similar, quotes are very competitive. 10% discounts available for SELOC Club Supporters. Also additional discount (10%) to be had for car control course / driver training - need certificate to prove attendance though]. Track cover includes some EU circuits (Nurburgring) but doesn't include recovery costs and windscreen damage not covered on track. Won't mirror NCB from another car, but were happy to give me 4 year's worth "introductory bonus". Policies limited to 7000 miles. **17.02.14 - confirmed have to be over 40yo**

May 2012 - Just got a quote and it included 6 track days with the same conditions as above. As of 2012, Aviva (CCI's underwriter) are heavily loading premiums for anyone that requires "commuting" cover, be sure to mention if you dont need it.

Heritage 0121 246 6062 - ask for Martin (drivers over 28yrs.) Discount for SELOC members Yes Track cover only included for club you are a member of eg LoT, cover is available for events with other TDOs at an additional premium. Will mirror NCB from other cars - no need to transfer your NCB to the vehicle insured with them. Check terms with Heritage. Spoke to on 11/1/2012 and refused to quote on Elise, saying they dont really deal with these any more. 25 Sept 2015 - Martin no longer there, struggle to insure newer cars, quoted £2k+ for V6 Exige (v's approx. £500 elsewhere)
Chris Knott 0800 917 2274 Mention SELOC for special rates Yes Drivers over 30 (was 25 in previous years and may revert back in 2012). Need to have been driving your lotus for at least a year. Does not cover track days, but does offer multi-car policies.

Seemed concerned about whether they would be able to cover a V6 Exige with value in excess of £40k. Cannot provide cover if you've had a fault claim in the last 12 months. 5-Oct-2017 - called for a quote on Exige V6 S Roadster and told that due to recent changes cannot insure Exiges anymore due to insurance group 92.

October 2017 wouldn't insure my Duratec Elise

Henderson Taylor insurance 0161 4377442 (Matt) Mention SELOC for special rates Yes Trackdays included, mod friendly policies mostly underwritten by Aviva on very similar terms as CCI (also underwritten by Aviva). As of 22/11/11, mileage limited to 7500 (now 5000?) miles per annum for Lotus policies. As of 08/02/12 Matthew confirmed that unlimited policies are available. As of 2012, Aviva are heavily loading premiums for anyone that requires "commuting" cover, be sure to mention if you dont need it though Matt is on the ball and will almost certainly ask you. (Tyrex) - I spoke to Henderson today (4/1/13) who confirmed that the maximum annual mileage for their policies was 6000. 17.02.14 - maximum mileage is now 4500pa! 7/7/17 - Maximum mileage is now 5,000pa.

Cannot provide cover if you've had a fault claim in the last 12 months.

October 2017: the good news is that my quote was very very cheap. The bad news is they use a company called ERS which if you Google it has the most AWFUL reviews. So it's fine as long as you never claim!

Manning UK 01491 578759 - Yes (up to %age bhp limit) Sportscar specialists (run club schemes for TVR/Porsche/Aston). Includes trackdays. Discounts for driver training. Happy to quote for Lotus too, very friendly/helpful. Target profile is primarily second car or low mileage (5K) drivers, werent competitive (for me) on a 9K miles policy. Well worth a try if you fit their profile though. Offer multi-car policies and unlimited track days. Honda transplants will exceed their bhp mod limit.

Days with non-ATDO track day companies are not covered, however Lotus on Track have recently joined ATDO. Need to be over age of 25 for a policy (confirmed as of 17/12/2015) Can still potentially provide cover if you've had a fault claim in the last 12 months. DEC 2017 - quoted lightly modded Elise R. Against REIS and 1answer - £300 cheaper and 'better' terms. Insurer MS Amlin who're also decent!

Lotus - Esteem / AON (Official) 08705 708090 or 01483 706055 or 51 AON policies now moved to Footman James (below) ? (Require driver be 30 or over)
A-Plan 01635 874 646 Usually Matthew Minchin. Discount for SELOC members Yes Contact the Thatcham office for Lotus schemes. Can provide free 5 day UK trackday cover on Royal Sun Alliance policies. "ok with brakes and suspension upgrade but not too sure with the engine but ok in the end."[1]
Adrian Flux 0800 081 8989 "Yellow department" Mention SELOC for special rates Yes

October 2017 Their service comes in for criticism on some reviews of the insurer they quote for

Noel Dazely 0870 0466604 Mention SELOC for special rates Yes No longer exist - taken over by A-Plan (see above)
Admiral 0844 848 4416 (Single) or 0844 848 4316 (Multicar) N/A Yes (see details) Can declare mods (although only the cost of replacement standard parts are covered. They don't cover remaps at all as of 24/03/2015). No track day cover. Multicar policies are particularly good value if you have two or more cars to insure. You can start a Multicar policy with one car and add others as they come up for renewal. Won't mirror NCB from another car (if there are more cars than people on the policy), but will give 4 years NCB free (which can be protected after the first year).
Bell Direct 0800 140 180 No ?
Direct Line 0845 246 8701 No (require tracker and driver over 25yrs old)
Elephant 0870 0401 140 or 0870 0131072 No
Footman James 0121 561 4196 Not very - didn't even like Performance pack on Exige Track day cover included but won't cover Car Limits driver training days with Andrew Walsh

Just called and they only cover classics (cars over 20 years old. accurate as of SEP 2022), they have stopped insuring modern cars

Argos 0800 015 4835 ? ?
ASDA 0845 300 2310 ? ?
Liverpool Victoria 01202 292 333 Yes. Quoted for mod'd suspension and after market wheels. Driver must be 25+ on an Elise. Class 1 Business Cover available.
More Than / Hastings 0800 072 4186 ? ?
Michael Ward 01707 378260 ? Good for young drivers on all sports cars, very easy to deal with!
Sky Insurance 03303 331 250 Yes Do not provided trackday cover in premium. Offer discount to other car clubs - including pistonheads. Admin fee of £60 included in quote but potential to waive that. Were offering underwriting by Chaucer for cover with modifications.
[ AIB 023 8026 8351 Murray Yes October 2017: the good news is that my quote was very very cheap. The bad news is they use a company called Marker Study which if you Google it has the most AWFUL reviews. So it's fine as long as you never claim!
[ NFUMutual 0808 278 2021 Yes October 2017. Rated #1 by Which. Cheapest quote for Duratec Elise and also inc commuting and business, legal protection, breakdown cover, NCD protection

Insurance world 01604 615415

Norwich Union Direct 0800 092 9564

Privilege 0845 246 0275

Quoteline Direct 0870 442 9049

Tesco 0845 300 4400

Also remember that you can get affiliate money with some of the bigger insurance companies simply by taking out insurance via your account. For example, More Than currently give £75 back via QuidCo. These cashback sites are discussed on the uber-price comparison site:

Temporary Cover

For instant short-term insurance for courtesy cars and test drives etc - car not needed to be owned by driver: (some restrictions on insurance groups of cars they will cover - it will tell you during the quote)

Ecar, don't do day cover any more and none of the others above would cover an Elise as tried on Feb 2016, gives a message saying: The vehicle has been identified as 'LOTUS ELISE 111R CONVERTIBLE 1796cc, 2dr Petrol Manual (04-07)' and unfortunately we are unable to offer insurance for this vehicle

CUVVA - search on your android or ios phone, it's an app which covers Lotus as the above companies don't do Lotus anymore when I tried, but CUVVA- worked on March 2018 for me £50 per day.

One-off Track Day Insurance

CCI insurance is cheaper if the event is a novice trackday, so be sure to mention it.

Insurance Check

Use this site to check whether any car in the UK is insured. (direct link)

Use this site to check a cars MOT history. You need the registation plate and V5 document number.

Job Title

Use this site to see what impact subtle variations in your job title can have on your premiums.

Postcode Risk Assessment

Have a look at this site to see what risk assessment is associated with your postcode.