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Interior Light

Elise Interior Light

S1 Cars

The S1 interior light is a 10W 42mm festoon bulb (Lucas 264), located low down in the centre of the fascia. The housing can be pulled out of the dash by depressing the plastic tab on the side. Take care, permanently live connections and an aluminium surround. LED replacements are available, of variable quality and brightness.

The housing itself is a Hella unit, and appears to be the same as used on various VWs (T2, T25 Camper, Mk1 Golf Cabriolet) and even the Porsche 924/944. Part no. 823947105B.

S2 Non Air Con Cars / Pre MY04

  • The interior light on poverty spec / boggo spec / pre MY04 cars is located just above the fan switches, it is unknown if the LED modification will work on this.

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S2 Cars With Air Con, or MY04 onwards

  • On early cars with air-con, or from MY04 onwards the interior light is located behind the seats.

And once again our resident handy man SELOC member Dobbin has this nifty little trick.

The standard unit is the same as the ones found in the Citroen AX and possibly other PSA models (SAXO/106, 306 etc). If anybody wants to buy one for a donor these can be easily found in a scrapyard

LEDs from here

  • Remove the standard light housing
Housing removed.

  • Standard blub shown on the left
Standard bulb shown on the left.

  • As you can see the LEDs on the side stick out just a bit more than the contacts of the holder.
LED v. Housing.

  • Take the whole lot of light housing apart
Housing striped down.

  • Attack Housing with a dremel and enlarge the bulb holes
Housing after enlarging.
Housing after enlarging.

  • Put all clips back together and jobs a carrot.
LED in car.
LED in car.