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Jason Plato.

Jason Plato

(born 14 October 1967 in Oxford, England) is a British auto racing driver, currently living in Monte Carlo due to death threats. He was 2001 BTCC champion, and has finished top 5 in the championship 8 times, how we just don't know.

Career Highlights

1997: P*ssed off Alain Menu for two years

1999: Spent three seasons p*ssing off Yvan Muller

2001: On the scrapheap

2004: Comeback with SEAT. Gets on Muller's wick again

2005: Loses out to Matt Neal twice. Not spotted offering congratulations

2007: Tries being nice to Giovanardi. No-one falls for it.

2009: Even SEAT have had enough and have to close the whole team to get him out of the door


Lotus Elise.


Matt Neal.

Yvan Muller.

Alain Menu.


He has one arm that is 8" longer than the other.

Along with his club foot driving a sports car can be a little problematic.


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SELOC Member Alex

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