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I've created this page to augment previous entries I've made on HIDs and sidelights.

Although I originally intended to install the first bulbs (H7) into a Fiesta, it transpired that there wasn't enough clearance behind the Ford Lamp unit to accommodate the cooling fan built into the lamp.

So I generously donated my HID Projectors to the Fiesta to trial these in the dipped (projector) lens of my late S2 Exige

Dipped Beam
Philips Ultinon Pro 3021 - H7

These worked great and lit up instantaneously away, one of the downsides of HIDs, even 'fast start' ones.

Driving Lights
Philips Ultinon Access - H3

I was so pleased with the results I decided to upgrade the driving / fog lamps too (which had never been|changed from factory fit Halogen) with these as these were the sole remaining front facing light with the halogen yellow glow. The trickest aspect of the driving lists is removing, retaining and reinstalling the mounting bolts either side of the case