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I've created this page for people pondering whether to upgrade their sidelights to LED or not, perhaps after having previous performed a HID upgrade.

I won't go into the explanation of how to do it because that is documented in the manual and for the S2 models is very dependent on whether you have;

1. An early S2 with H1/H7 headlamp cluster (inside wheel arch liner AND front lens removal required) or

2. A later S2 (inside wheel arch liner only removal)

The LED bulb I chose works for either type as the light emits from the tip of the bulb which is perfect for the horizontal orientation of the S2.

I cannot quite recall S1 fitment but if your sidelight relies on reflection of a chrome dish around it to project light forward then these are probably not right for you.

So this is the product I chose.

Philips T10, W5W, Vision LED
Standard Halogen sidelight
Philips T10, W5W, sidelight

--Grinnders (talk) 14:03, 23 May 2014 (BST)