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This page is in early stages and may be inaccurate, as details on the Emira are subject to change prior to the cars launch.


In 2021, Lotus announced that the Elise, Exige and Evora had all entered their final year of production, with the announcement of Final Edition models for both the Elise and Exige[1]. Set to be replaced by a new model known as Type 131 and was announced as being the last internal combustion engined car that Lotus would produce before moving fully to electrification.

Emira Launch Date teaser image
Emira Unboxed

In early April, Lotus began posted coded messages on social media teasing the cars name[2], which was announced as the Emira amongside a handful of teaser images during the Lotus - Driving Tomorrow presentation.

The cars design was successfully kept under wraps, besides a single leaked livestream image during setup [3], until the cars official launch on July 6th, 2021. The launch event was livestreamed on the Lotus Cars website and YouTube, and was presented by Andy Jaye and Helen Stanley, alongside Lotus MD Matt Windle, former F1 World Champion Jenson Button, designer Russell Carr, and other key Lotus staff involved in the project.

Live attendance at the launch was heavily limited due to COVID restrictions, along with 131 superfans present on a video wall via Zoom.

Highlights included...

  • A look at the new production facility for the Emira at Hethel.
  • A couple slightly awkward Superfan conversations as people appeared who weren't entirely paying attention.
  • Lotus Silverstone attendees watching the Live Stream refusing to wave to the camera.
  • Matt Windle and Jenson Button describing an Emira which they could see but we weren't allowed to, the teases.
  • Andy Jaye getting absolutely DRENCHED
  • Discussing the new infotainment system and daily usage. Exciting revelations about door pocket and glovebox size.
  • A display of key Lotus cars from the Elan to the Evija.
  • Oh god, is that Type 72 on slicks? It sounds great but it seems to be driving through a lake.
  • Don't crash the Type 72 Gavin! That's a lot of revs as you pulled away there. Oh god don't aquaplane into haybales, everyone is watching!
  • Bloody hell, did he just go through a water trough? Its a vintage F1 car Gavin not a rally car!
  • I guess maybe we can have a look at the car now, its pretty innit.
  • Design presentation with Russell Carr and Richard Hill
  • Jenson Button drives the car now that we're allowed to see it. Seems to like the word "Plush".