Oil filters for Honda conversion

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Oil filters for Honda conversions

Honda converted cars require special attention to the type of filter that is used bacuse of space constraints.

In the case of conversions that use the OEM filter location (eg Stark and Link-Up) you need to use a filter with a small outer diameter to fit it between the subrame and the engine.

For this puspose you can use the short and narrow OEM Honda filters (65mm long):

  • Honda 15400-PFB-004
  • Honda 15400-PFB-014

Or if these are not available you can also use:

  • Renault 82 00 033 408
  • MANN W 67/1
  • HAMP (Honda After Market Parts) H1540-PFB-515
  • WL7254 WIX OIL FILTER (PH5796)(Z1277)
  • Lautrette MECAFILTER ELH4300
  • UFI 23.258.00 (66 mm long)

Which are also the same size.

A possible option depending on the amount of space that's available would also be:

  • MANN W 67 (85 mm long)
  • MANN W 610/3 (90 mm long)
  • UFI 23.265.00 (87.5 mm long)

BUT MAKE SURE THESE FIT BEFOREHAND! They fit on Link-Up conversions.

All filters above ar of a narrow (approx. 65-70mm) type.

The OEM Civic TypeR filters listed are:

  • Honda 15400-PLC-004
  • Honda 15400-PLM-A01

With the last one being more 'fat' and only being suitable for use in a converted Elise if the conversion has a remote oil filter mount.

Optionally in that case you can also use a similarly sized:

  • MANN W 814/80

Sinclaires/Essex Autosport use the filter below on their remote filter mount.

  • CROSLAND 672