Paint Colours - 2012

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Lotus gave the range of paint colours available for the MY12 cars a revamp, removing some, introducing others, and adding some exclusive to specific cars.

Paint Colour Range Paint Code Swatch Elise Exige Evora
Ardent Red Solid B94 Swatch - Ardent Red.png Elise - Ardent Red.png Exige S 2012 - Ardent Red.png Evora MY12 - Ardent Red.png
Solar Yellow Solid Swatch - Solar Yellow.png Elise - Solar Yellow.png Exige S 2012 - Solar Yellow.png Evora MY12 - Solar Yellow.png
Racing Green Metallic Swatch - Racing Green.png Elise - Racing Green.png Exige S 2012 - Racing Green.png Evora MY12 - Racing Green.png
Sienna Brown Metallic Swatch - Sienna Brown.png Elise - Sienna Brown.png Exige S 2012 - Sienna Brown.png Evora MY12 - Sienna Brown.png
Starlight Black Metallic Swatch - Starlight Black.png Elise - Starlight black.png Exige S 2012 - Starlight Black.png Evora MY12 - Starlight Black.png
Arctic Silver Metallic Swatch - Arctic Silver.png Elise - Arctic Silver.png Exige S 2012 - Arctic Silver.png Evora MY12 - Arctic Silver.png
Carbon Grey Metallic Swatch - Carbon Grey.png Elise - Carbon Grey.png Exige S 2012 - Carbon Grey.png Evora MY12 - Carbon Grey.png
Nightfall Blue Metallic Swatch - Nightfall Blue.png Elise - Nightfall Blue.png Exige S 2012 - Nightfall Blue.png Evora MY12 - Nightfall Blue.png
Velvet Red Premium Swatch - Velvet Red.png Elise - Velvet Red.png Exige S 2012 - Velvet Red.png Evora MY12 - Velvet Red.png
Aspen White Premium Swatch - Aspen White.png Elise - Aspen White.png Exige S 2012 - Aspen White.png Evora MY12 - Aspen White.png
Laser Blue Premium B120 Swatch - Laser Blue.png Elise - Laser Blue.png Exige S 2012 - Laser Blue.png Evora MY12 - Laser Blue.png
Chrome Orange Swatch - Chrome Orange.png Elise - Chrome Orange.png N/A N/A
Storm Titanium Swatch - Storm Titanium.png Elise - Storm Titanium.png N/A N/A
Zest Yellow Swatch - Zest Yellow.png Elise - Zest Yellow.png N/A N/A
Pearl White Premium Swatch - Pearl White.png N/A Exige S 2012 - Pearl White.png N/A
Military Grey Premium Swatch - Military Grey.png N/A Exige S 2012 - Military Grey.png N/A
Poison Green Premium Swatch - Poison Green.png N/A Exige S 2012 - Poison Green.png N/A
Amethyst Grey Swatch - Amethyst Grey.png N/A N/A Evora MY12 - Amethyst Grey.png
Frost Blue Swatch - Frost Blue.png N/A N/A Evora MY12 - Frost Blue.png
Autumn Bronze Swatch - Autumn Bronze.png N/A N/A Evora MY12 - Autumn Bronze.png
Motorsport Black Motorsport Swatch - Motorsport Black.png Elise - Motorsport Black.png Exige S 2012 - Motorsport Black.png Evora MY12 - Motorsport Black.png
Motorsport Green Motorsport B75 Swatch - Motorsport Green.png Elise - Motorsport Green.png Exige S 2012 - Motorsport Green.png Evora MY12 - Motorsport Green.png
Saffron Yellow Swatch - Saffron Yellow.png Elise CR Only
Elise CR - Saffron Yellow.png
Sky Blue Swatch - Sky Blue.png Elise CR Only
Elise CR - Sky Blue.png
Matte Black Swatch - Matte Black.png Elise CR Only
Elise CR - Matte Black.png
Matte Red Swatch - Matte Red.png Elise CR Only
Elise CR - Matte Red.png
Matte White Swatch - Matte White.png Elise CR Only
Elise CR - Matte White.png