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This is how to remove the centre console on an S2 (typically a 111R or exige) it may differ for rover engine cars or later models. Make sure the car is on level ground when doing this.

1.Remove the one screw holding the black phone/cup holder between the back of the seats. Remove the item.

2.Then remove the two screws holding in the gray piece that lives between the phone/cup holder and the console. The screws are down in the part near where the first screw you removed came from (you don't have to remove these if you just want the centre console out). The 12v lighter socket unplugs by pulling the black plug connector and there is enough wire slack to do this easily. Now you can remove this part, the second. All of the plugs are one way, no need to write anything down or remember wire colours or whatever, no adjustments.

3.Unscrew the torx screw on either side of the console below the gear lever close to the floor. An allen key will work in a pinch if you don't have a torx set. So that is two screws to remove up front - the shiny silver ones you may have already noticed.

4.Pull the hand-brake up really high and hard (trick is to push the brake peddle as you do this). Raise the front of the cover and jostle the rear.

5. When you have enough room, you can disconnect the Hazard light switch central locking switches by reaching underneath the console.

6.The Hazard Light Switch has a plug-ended cable leading to it if you grasp the plug and squeeze the release-tongue that is on its LHS it can be removed.

7.The Central Locking Switch has a lead coming from it that is about 6 inches long. At the end of that is the plug and socket to disconnect. Squeeze the bottom of it to unlock it.

8.Now the main console piece has only the gear shifter and hand-brake retaining it.

9.Lift the console and get the shift boot to go upward...the portion that stays on the gear lever is retained by a cable tie which you cut off by reaching inside the console and cutting carefully with a knife. The boot can now be slowly slid off of the gear shifter (note some require the gear knob to be removed, this just unscrews anticlockwise but may need a little force). The base of the boot is still clipped onto the console. The console will come off when raised upward if you have the hand brake pulled hard enough so that it's lever is as high as possible.

10. If the hand brake is off, you can't get the console cover off. (You will probably need to remove the handbrake grip by loosening the 2 allen key grub screws on the underside of it, it will then slide off). With a bit of wiggling around you should get the console off.

11.The lighter socket (on earlier cars), hazard and central locking switch units all can be popped out of the console pieces in which they reside by squeezing their spring loaded elements which are located along their sides. They can go in only one way, nothing to remember or mark. All of them come out towards the outside.

12.Reassembly is straightforward and you will need another cable tie to retain the shift boot on the shift lever in it's designated collar area. The boot may need to be repositioned a bit.

13.The boot is attached to a lip around the hole in the console cover be a series of 6 push on spring clips that are u-shaped. They are not hard to remove and replace with the console out. The boot perimeter only goes on one way and the scratches in the console rim (hidden from the outside) indicate where they go so there is again no need to keep track of this detail.

This time lapse video on youtube may also help‎