Remove the wheels

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Time & Tools
Time: 30 mins
Tools: Tool roll, Jack, 17mm socket, Wheel brace/extension bar, Copper grease


Loosen the 4 wheel bolts with bolt tools found in the Tool roll then jack up the car, then undo the wheel bolts and remove the wheel.


Refit the wheel, replace the 4 wheel bolts so they are hand tight then lower car to the ground and torque wheel bolts to

105NM (S2)

80-85NM (S1)

Check that there is no side to side play by trying to rock the wheel at a quarter to three.

Depress brake pedal a few times to get the pressure back.

36 Torque Wheel Bolts.JPG


Do not over torque the nuts they will shear invest in a torque wrench or you will end up paying out for a new set of wheel bolts.