Replacing S1 front near-side brake pipe

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Replacing the front near-side brake pipe

The longer front brake pipe that goes across the chassis just at the back of the radiator often corrodes badly, if you wish to replace it this is what you need to do.

Disconnect near side female connector where it connects to the flexi brake pipe

Disconnect male connector from master brake\clutch cylinder (NOTE: Be aware that if system still has brake fluid in it then be prepared to catch leaking fluid)

Unclip pipe from the plastic clips which hold it to the chassis

For replacements you can go to and order them, you need as follows:-

• Cupro-Nickel Brake Pipe

- Length in Centimetres: 77

- Union 1: BN3 10mm x 1mm standard male

- Union 2: BN3F 10mm x 1mm female

When you fit the new pipe you will need to bend it to match the old pipe as you go

Then refit the male end to the master brake\clutch cylinder 3-way union and the female end to the flexi brake pipe on the near side

Clip new pipe into plastic chassis clips

IMPORTANT: Bleed brake system and check brakes working fine