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The dreaded dropping of the S1 sidescreens!

I won't go into too much detail in all the steps as I'm sure you can manage most, feel free to edit if necessary ;-)

1. Remove the door winder

2. Remove the door card

3. If present remove the plastic liner

4. Temporarily refit the winder & move the mechanism to a position whereby you can gain access to the 3 plastic clips (white) that hold the window to the winder mech, these are the pesky (sorry Rob) buggers that become detached from the glass, I usually squirt some alcohol cleaner into the slots on the plastic clips & along the bottom edge of the glass 5. Carefully apply some Sikaflex (or similar) to the slots in the plastic clips

6. Lower the sidescreen into the slots first making sure the nylon wheels are in their guides

7. Wind the window fully up & leave to cure overnight if possible (if the car needs to be moved then secure the glass to the door with good old gaffer tape!!

8. Lubricate rollers with grease & felts seals with silicon spray

9. When you're happy its all ok refit the plastic liner & door card

I have used this method on several cars & never had them fail again

Any probs feel free to U2U

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