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The steering wheel in the Evora is a bespoke wheel unique to the car. The wheel is fitted with an air-bag and, in Tech Pack equipped car, controls for the Cruise Control.

MY12 cars feature a different Steering Wheel Assembly (MY10/11 - Part Number D132U0206F, MY12 - Part Number A132V0378F) and Finisher Trim (Pre-MY12 - Part Number A132V0082F, MY12 Black Finisher - Part Number A132V0333F). IPS equipped cars are fitted with a different Back Cover to accommodate the paddle shift.

Steering Wheel Removal

As discussed in the forum thread [1].

Be aware that the steering wheel features an air-bag, which is an explosive device. Be sure to take all necessary safety precautions when working with it and if in any doubt have the work carried out by a trained professional.
SELOC takes no responsibility for damage or injury caused by interfering with it or by following the steps below.


Leave for atleast a minute before touching anything to allow air-bag ECU to discharge any power. Do not reconnect the battery until everything has been reassembled.

Step 2

Undo the two T30 torxs fixings on the side. These hold the airbag in place, once pulled out disconnect the connector using a 90 degree pick.

Step 3

Then if your car has cruise control undo the other connector.

Step 4

Next up undo the 24mm steering wheel to column bolt. Make sure you don't loose the aluminium spacer bush, as you remove the steering wheel.

Do not leave the steering wheel off the column for a long period as the column retracts back inside itself. If you are planning to leave it off for a while then you should fit the Lotus Column Spacer Tool (Part Number T000T1519F).