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The S1 has two temperature senders: brown (sends to ECU), blue (sends to dash). The blue temperature sender is notoriously unreliable and often fails, resulting in temperature readings approx 10°C lower than reality. The blue sender is also a "single wire" type which is affected by electrical load. In most cases, a 1°C rise in temperature can be seen when turning on each item of electrical equipment, e.g. headlights, heater fan, windscreen wipers.

The S2 (Rover engine) has a single (black) temperature sender for both ECU and dash.

The S2 (Toyota engine) has ???

Part numbers:

Car Sensor Rover No Unipart No Other No
Elise S1 Brown MEK100060 GTR 313 / 185 Elise Parts
Elise S1 Blue YCB100420 GTR 316 Elise Parts