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K series Elise

You can tell which size throttle body you have from the numbers on the top edge:

  • TV1 = 48mm
  • TV5 = 52mm
52mm Throttle Body showing TV5 identification marking
52MM Throttle Body

48MM Body

The 48mm Throttle body came standard and can be modified to flow alot better (almost as good as the 52mm) by removing the rubber wedge that is located on the throttle body butterfly

(marked in red on picture below).

48MM Throttle Body Rubber Wedge

Remove Butterfly from the throttle body and take off the rubber wedge then Heat the butterfly up and put it on a ceramic tile, any metal surface may cause the solder to adhere. Use multi core solder and just push the end into the hole so it contacts the parent metal, it should then melt and brim the hole, if it doesn't the butterfly isnt hot enough.

Key the hole and just outside with P180 wet/dry or similar, or a small file.

48MM Throttle Body with removed wedge

48MM Throttle Body with removed wedge

Thanks too SELOC member Chrissmith2097 and Dave Andrews of DVAPower

See thread for more information.

52MM Body

The 52MM Throttle body came standard fittment on the Elise S2 111S (and also included as part of the Lotus drivability kit for the S1 Sport 160).


"when we exchanged the 48m TB for 52 Item we got a stunning 1 bhp max power increase, we got a 3 Ft Lbs max increase in Torque"

"The Torque curve increased by 4 Ft Lbs Average and at one point on the curve an 11 Ft Lbs increase was recorded. This 11 Lbs increase was quiet low in the rev range."

- Quoting from SELOC member THE GIMP from when he tested the 48mm vs 52mm on a rolling road.


Fitment is very easy and only takes around 30 minutes to change.

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