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Original Weight (kg) Aftermarket product and weight (kg)


S1 MMC 2.9 kg/each EBC 6 kg
S1 Eliseparts Ali Bells 5.245kg/each
S1 EBC (Grooved) 5.605kg/each
S1 Pagid (plain) 5.790Kg/each
S2 Drilled 5.9 kg/each Ali bells 5.0 kg


S1 Standard 20 kg S1 Eliseparts Sport Exhaust 8 kg
K series standard manifold 3.3kg flexi pipe 3.4kg k series full stainless steel 4-1 manifold 8kg
S1 Standard Manifold 3.285kg, S1 Standard Flexi Pipe 3.425kg S1 Janspeed 4-2-1 small bore w/flexi 6.575kg
S1 Eliseparts 4" SCRP 2.335kg
S1 Eliseparts 5" SCRP 2.235kg
S1 Eliseparts 5" Sports Exhaust 7.985kg


S1 Front Ball Joint Mount 332g/Each Eliseparts Aluminium Ball Joint Mount 122g/Each
S1 (Early) Steering Arm 368g/Each
S1 (Later) Steering Arm ???g/Each Eliseparts Lightweight Aluminium Steering Arm 300g/Each


S1 Rear Engine Mount 854g S1 Eliseparts Adjustable Engine Mount 462g
S1 Magneti Marelli Alternator 5.075Kg S1 Eliseparts Lightweight 'K' Series Alternator (steel pulley) 3.230Kg


S1 Standard Leather Seats, without Sub-frame 6.170Kg/Each Probax Motorsport (Harness Hole) Seats, without Sub-frame 7.355Kg/Each
B5 Tillett seat with panels without brackets 5.5kg /Each B7 Tillett FIA approved seat with head pad, without brackets 3.7kg/Each


S1 Standard Steel Wheel Nuts ~42g/Each (x16/ 704g) Eliseparts Lightweight Wheel Nuts ~22g/Each (x16/ 374g)


S2 w/o ali beam complete: 15.1kg
S2 window mech.: 1.375kg
S2 window winder: 120g
S2 mirror fixing triangle: 355g
S2 mirror: 405g
S2 seal window: 302g
S2 inner trim (plastic+leather): 705g
S1 Door beam (inc hinge) : 4450g S1 Door beam (modified, centre machined out) : 2850g

Elise Weight Reduction

S1 Alarm Fob 20 grams

Carbon clams are hideous money compared to the weight saved, and don't save much at all unless they are autoclaved or vacuum formed. Benetec CF Front Clam 4.95 kg Vs std at 15 kg but cost £58k :( Benetec CF Rear Clam 7,2kg

Be very wary of polycarbonate side screens. They are very flexible and, with the roof fitted, flare out dramatically at speeds above 60MPH.

Early rear arch liners are 2.8 kg. Later liners are lighter.

Removing the GRP where the reversing light and fog lights are, along with the grilles and the reversing light saves about 1 kg.

The rubber seals around all four wheel arch liners (assuming you haven't ditched the arch liners) are about 200g each, and most of the boot lid seal can be removed with just token parts left in to prevent rattle giving about 1 kg of saving.

Exhaust Exige/111R Catback: 13 kg. Stage 1: 11.8 kg (saves 1.2 kg). Stage 2: 8.2 kg (saves 4.8 kg). Quicksilver Titanium: 5.2 kg (saves 7.8 kg)

S1 Weight Reduction

-13,4 kg Carbon fibre track seats (1,8 kg vs 8.5 kg) x2

-12.5 kg Titanium Exhaust system (std 16 kg vs 3.5 kg)

-11.2 kg MMC discs instead of iron disks (2.7 kg vs 5.5 kg each)

-11,1 KG TRM FSL001 instead of std AWI 5 spoke Wheels (20,7kg vs 31.8 kg)

-9,9kg Race battery (www.voltphreaks.com or www.braillebattery.com) (1,36 kg vs 11.35 kg)

-9.25kg 1/2 size alloy fuel tank

-7.25 kg Lexan front window (5 kg vs 12.25 kg)

-6.8 kg Speedline Magnesium instead of std AWI 5 spoke (25 kg vs 31.8 kg)

-6.55 kg Alloy Fuel Tank

-4.4 kg Carbon fibre fixed seat frames(2 kg and 3 kg vs 0.3 kg)

-4.4 kg Remove the door reinforcement on 2 doors

-4 kg Remove radio and speakers (radio ~1.4 kg speakers ~1.6 kg)

-3.695 kg Soft top and mountings (Top 1.807 kg, siderails 1.888 kg)

-3.3 kg Lightweight Flywheel

-2.71 kg Cat Replacement Pipe (flexi stainless) (1.587 kg Vs 4.3 kg) mild steel 1.8 kg

-2.55 kg Lightweight alternator (3.35 kg vs 5.9 kg)

-2.2 kg Billet aluminium crankshaft pulley

-2.136 kg Back window

-2 kg Alu top engine mount

-2 kg 2x Leather sill covers

-1.994 kg Rollbar cover

-1.697 kg Heat shield baggage compartment

-1,59 kg CF undertray insted of alu std

-1.388 kg Dressed baggage compartment

-1.329Kg Original Airbox and filter

-1 kg Eliseparts Lightweight Wheel studs

-1 kg Carbon fibre steering wheel (1.7 kg vs 0.7 kg)

-0,9 kg Elisparts solid 4-2-1 manifold (5,8 kg vs std 6,7 kg)

-0,9 kg Carbon fibre side mirrors instead of std

-0.872 kg Alu ball joint mounts (1.308 kg vs 0.436 kg)

-0.8 kg Footwell divider

-0,83 kg lexan back window instead of std glass

-0.6 kg Handbrake and gear stick cover

-0.562 kg Pair of Alu Verniers instead of std iron pulleys(570g v.s. 298g each)

-0.53 kg Passenger footrest

-0.5 kg Front Mud flaps

-0.4 kg Alarm siren

-0.23 kg Inner Rear view mirror

-1/2 of std Lightweight Starter Motor

-2/3 of std Polycarbonate / perspex rear/side/front screen

plastic boot lid stay 865g

2 x plastic floor mats 160g

passenger foot rest 535g

charcoal canister and pipes 625g

rear grills 310g

removal of fibre glass behind fog/reverse lights 370g

speakers including wiring 1220g

plastic speaker mounts behind seats 525g

plastic wiper motor guard 60g

rear wheel arch liners 2300g

plastic booy drain pipe 225g

front brake disc splash guards 210g

radio and surround 1760g

front grill 275g

handbrake trim surround 240g

Aerial and lead 160g

gear stick surround trim 325g

alarm siren 370g

rubber trim from rear wheel arches and boot lid 140g

interior side pads 2000g

boot bag 1435g

heat insulation/sound deadening in boot 1495g

boot divider Ali 1295g

rear under tray (homemade Carbon fibre) reduced by 900g

Rear boot tray 1620g

heat shield above exhaust (below boot tray) 1885g

misc nuts bolts cables ties etc 445g

passenger seat & belt 9725g

remove cat and replace with CRP 2725g

battery replaced by varley red top 6100g

battery bracket and breather piper 200g

S1 fibreglass engine cover inc grills 4550g

S1 Aluminium engine cover inc grills 4155g (395g saving)

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