Wheel bearings

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Wheel Bearings

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Elise S1

Timken JRM3938A.

Elise S2 Non ABS

The Rover S2 uses 3 identical bearing packs without built-in sensor and 1 pack with a sensor for the ECU (which then relays it to the speedo) on one of the rear wheels.

These bearing packs originate from the Opel/Vauxhall Astra G front axle.

OEM Lotus part numbers

  • Bearing pack without built-in speed sensor: A117D6002F
  • Bearing pack with built-in speed sensor: A117D6005F

Replacment parts

Bearing units are originally made by SKF who also sell complete aftermarket replacement kits:

  • SKF VKBA3510 without sensor
  • SKF VKBA3511 with sensor

Both SKF kits come including:

  • bearing packs
  • new mounting bolts (approx 10mm too long for the Elise can be cut down - M12 x 40 Metric fine thread which are hard to find, best order Lotus OE A116W1170F)
  • new castle nut for the driveshaft/CV
  • new split pin for castle nut
  • dust cover for center

Elise S2 ABS

Use 4 identical bearing packs, ALL with speed pulse for the ABS signal (which in turn feeds that to the ECU)

For part numbers see the 'with speed sensor' entries above.